A New Take on Modern Classic Bathroom Design


Two typically underground design movements have soared to prominence in 2015. Now, Industrial design and Steampunk design are officially at the forefront of the year’s most popular interior design trends, contributing to a whole new take on modern classic bathroom design.

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Antiques for Everyone


The BIID and Antiques for Everyone have teamed up to delve into the relationship between antiques and interiors. They've interviewed some of the country's top interior designers to find out what should we really be looking for when decorating our homes with antiques? We are proud to have beeen selected, Have a look!

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Eco-Friendly Design: 7 Essential Eco-Friendly Products for Green Homes


The first major step to green living is designing your home to be eco-friendly, but that doesn’t mean forgetting about the little things that make a big difference to your household’s long-term carbon footprint. Here, we’ve picked seven great eco-friendly products to help you live a little greener every day.

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