How To Design Small Bathrooms

Moretti Blog   •   October 24, 2018

Luxury bathroom bath tube niche design

A few months ago I wrote a blog on how to design a general perfect bathroom. So continuing from that let’s have a look now on how to design small bathrooms.  As let’s be honest here, how many of you have got a big or a good size bathroom in your home? Well, I guess not many, and as matter of fact, many of the bathrooms in an average house are quite small. When we design our client’ bathrooms we always find many challenges to take in consideration and issue to solve. So let’s consider some design tips that can help you to make the most of your space without compromising on the essential but still give the illusion of spaciousness!

The secret of how to design small bathroom is all in the planning, and the smallest space the more this needs to be well thought. Hence prioritise what is most important to you. Don’t forget about the negative space that you need around you in order to move and not having to hit another piece of furniture or object. That will hand up in screaming and frustration every time that you will use the bathroom! So consider well where you are going to position your basin, toilet and bath or shower and think that with these will follow also accessories and they need to be taken into consideration in terms of space too.

Tiles, units & brassware

Luxury bathroom vanity unit double sink bowl design

Be smart when you choose your tiles. Try and select large, plain tiles for the wall for instance with a different colour version of the flooring. If you can, avoid too many patterns. If you do choose patterns do only or for the walls or the floor and not both as this will make the space feel cramped.

Try and clear the floor as much as you can. Therefore, if you want to make the room feel bigger opt for wall-mounted units. These are handy also when it comes to cleaning – always think at the practical side too!

Also, choosing the right brassware can make a difference in terms of spatial illusion. In fact, wall-mounted taps and shower mixer with a concealed body are a nice way for reducing the visual clutter and making the space feel larger.


Always a big issue when it comes to bathroom and one aspect that people often forget. You look at the beautiful pictures on Pinterest or magazine where there is just one small bottle on display. In reality, doesn’t really work like this. You all are going to have toilet paper packs, shower gel, soap bottles and a lot of more stuff that you need for your everyday use. Thus when planning your bathroom think form the start how you can create the extra space and plan ahead for fitted niches or conceal cupboards withing stud walls. Also try and get vanity unit with drawers or cabinet that are quite spacious where you can put things and not only look pretty!

When it comes to heating underfloor heating is a good solution and space efficient. Or use towel rails, which can also be used for heating too.

If you are a bath person and not having the right space for a full-size tub why don’t consider Bijou style baths that usually are smaller in length and also so pretty!

When it comes to saving space people don’t consider doors. Using sliding or pocket doors can be a good free up layout option. Or if you still want to keep the standard door, then make sure that you hang it so the swing is outside the room!

Last but not least don’t forget of course to add a good size mirror. This is the most simple trick for creating the illusion of more space and also can help to spread the lights around.

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