How to Design the Perfect Bathroom

Moretti Blog   •   May 09, 2018

current contemporary bathroom

What are the most important elements to keep in mind when designing a bathroom?
Whatever it is the size of your home, bathroom needs to be very well planned, practical but also with a precise style and mood in mind.
Here a few of the main elements to remember that will help you to understand how to design the perfect bathroom.

Think carefully about the layout

small bathroom walk-in shower

Whether if you are starting from scratch or renovating your existing one, bathroom needs to be well planned in terms of layout.
Plan an efficient layout means deciding the best place where to have a shower, a bathtub, a basin, and so on, but also dealing with plumbing drains, water lines and vent stack. Keeping the piping where already they are or where they meant to be placed is for sure the less expensive choice.
It is important that a bathroom will practically be “easy to use”. This means that all its elements must be accessible, clear and functional and easy to clean.

Choose the right sanitaryware

Once you have planned the layout, it will be the time to select the sanitaryware.
They are lots of option nowadays on the market, from double-sink vanities to custom made and wall-mounted cabinets. All it will depend on the space you have and the style and mood you wish to achieve, whether is contemporary, traditional, modern, etc.
For a spacious look select semi-recessed basins and wall hung toilets. Keep the floor free usually helps the bathroom to appear bigger than it is.

bathroom decorating ideas

Make a statement

You could make a statement even in the smallest bathroom creating a focal point that could be achieved selecting a particular vanity unit, creating a different and original splashback or if you have space with a freestanding bathtub.
Making a statement will have a powerful impact when entering the room and will give personality and character to space.

bathroom interior design ideas freestanding bath tube

Select flooring

When selecting the floor materials remember that they need to be hardworking, impervious to water and slip-resistant without forget that they need to be also attractive.
Ceramic tiles or stone tiles are a good choice but be careful when choosing the finish as the highly polished stone is slippery when wet.
Floor tiles are extremely durable and are resistant to water, stains and wear and they are easy to care for.

Colour mood

Colour, like in every other space, has the power to energized and to soothe, to set the mood and the feeling of the room. Like with every other element consider the mood you wish to have before selecting your palette of colours and materials.

Keep in mind that the palette is given by all the bathroom elements, not only by wall paint or tiles.
So be careful also when selecting cabinetry and taps finishing.


bathroom storage

Think through exactly what you need to store in the bathroom and design with this in mind. Storage solutions could be vanity unit drawers, mirrored cabinet or especially thought bespoke cupboard. Consider the space and your needs and make the most of it!


As with any other room, the solution to achieve a perfect lighting in the bathroom is the same: use a combination of task, ambient and accent lights.
There are plenty of lighting solution on the market for the bathroom but use them thinking what your task will be and where you need light for practicality or where you wish to have light to create a relaxing and comfortable mood.
When planning your lighting ahead thinking what you need the light for it will turn out in a perfect room result. (Image courtesy of John Cullen lighting)

bathroom lighting

Window treatments

shutters bathroom

Window treatments for the bathroom should resist moisture, humidity and they usually also need to provide privacy and light control.
That’s why the most popular and advised window treatments are simple shade, blinds and shutters.

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