A New Take on Modern Classic Bathroom Design

Moretti Blog   •   November 03, 2015

modern and classic bathroom bath tube copper

Two typically underground design movements have soared to prominence in 2015. Now, Industrial design and Steampunk design are officially at the forefront of the year’s most popular interior design trends, contributing to a whole new take on modern classic bathroom design.

Industrial design strives for more of a ‘warehouse’ effect, whereas Steampunk is decidedly more Victorian and eclectic. Nonetheless, both design styles have a signature vintage feel; they embrace rough finishes and raw materials, with an emphasis on metal statement pieces, brick and wood surfaces, textural contrasts, and neutral colours.

What makes Industrial and Steampunk design trends so desirable is their versatility when blended with different aesthetics—from rustic to ultra-contemporary and baroque styles. It is this very flexibility that has led to a brand new (more fluid) interpretation of modern classic.

Transforming bathroom interior design

These revamped design movements have made waves in modern classic bathroom design in particular. Furniture designers like William Holland are creating exquisite bold pieces that are ideal for incorporating the Industrial and Steampunk trends into bathroom interiors of virtually any style, with basins, bathtubs and basin fillers made in classic shapes using metals like tin, copper and nickel.

We’ve drawn inspiration from these pieces to suggest modern classic bathroom design ideas that combine various styles with the Industrial and Steampunk trends to give a unique, highly polished final effect.

Urban chic: The neutral hues of tin, copper and patina pieces complement popular contemporary colour palettes like grey and beige, while the more organic shapes of the basins and tubs contrast nicely against the sharper lines of contemporary-style features like flat-panel cabinets, large porcelain tiles, and floating vanities. Adding vintage-looking elements like bateau bathtubs and vessel basins prevents an ultra-modern space from feeling cold or sterile, while their bold metal surfaces maintain a contemporary feel.

free standing basin copper interior design

Updated farmhouse: Industrial and Steampunk elements are perfect for a modern classic twist on a rustic space. Free-standing basins made of copper and tin hark back to traditional wash bowls, while their metal finish harmonises beautifully with wooden and brick surfaces, and exposed plumbing.

Copper free standing round bath tube design

Modern Victorian luxe: The luxuriant vintage look of a brushed copper slipper tub is the perfect nod to the Steampunk trend. Add a small chandelier and Victorian-style wallpaper, and any bathroom will instantly feel like a glamorous 19th-century boudoir.

As our projects have shown, there’s no one way to do modern classic interior design—whether it’s putting a new spin on Art Deco aesthetics, or adding a splash of contemporary pizzazz to a traditional farmhouse design.

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