Few tips on how to Warm Up Your Bedroom this Winter

Moretti Blog   •   December 13, 2017

interior tips warm up bedroom winter

As the temperatures drop, your bedroom becomes a more inviting place to snuggle up and stay warm. Warm bedding, a comfortable mattress, and a relaxing sleep environment are especially important during the winter.

First, consider your bedroom environment. If you’re in an old building, your bedroom may be cold and drafty, and may not have modern forced air. Consider how you can make the overall room warmer.

You can improve draftness by replacing single glazing window with double glazing. A simple step but can really change the room temperature. Textiles can make a difference as well. Consider thick, heavy curtains that you can close at night to help retain heat. However, open them during the day so that you can let any available sunlight in to help warm the room. Adding a thick, woolly rug can help retain heat, and stepping on a rug right out of bed can help you avoid the shock of going straight from your bed to a cold floor.

interior tips warm up bedroom winter