How To Choose The Perfect Carpet For Your Home

Moretti Blog   •   November 7, 2018

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Choosing the right carpet, with so many options available nowadays, can be a challenge but there are a few tips that can help you to do the right choice.
First, it is important to think about how space is used. In high-traffic areas, such as the stairs or a landing, a dense and tight material is best, whereas in a bedroom you can afford a bit of luxury with a softer pile.
The density of your carpet is very important especially if you are planning to lay it in a high-traffic area. The density is determined by how the fibre is closely knitted to each other, rather than the high of the carpet.
As a rule of thumb remember that short, dense fibre carpet is the most durable.

How to choose the right material for your carpet

Wool- It is a natural and sustainable material, generally used for high-quality carpet. Its qualities are highly durable, resilient, good for reducing heat loss and noise. Also, it does not flatten easily and keeps its appearance well.

how to choose the right carpet interior design wool

Wool mix – This kind of carpets are made of a mix of wool and man-made fibres, such as polyamide or polyester. It is a good combination for all-purpose carpet.

Polyamide or Nylon – A good quality nylon carpet comes with built-in stain resistant treatments and it is characterized by a good durability.
It is available in a wide range of hues and colours that can’t be reproduced in wool.

Polypropylene – It Is a man-made material. A popular choice thanks to its hardwearing and resistant to stains qualities. As a downside, it does flatten easily, and it is flammable.

Polyester – It is most like wool in appearance and feel. It is soft, durable and stain resistant. Very easy to clean, the only downside is that it does flatten. Often it is used for textured or shag carpets.


How to choose the pile type

There are two types of carpet most commonly used in the UK:

Woven – It is the most laborious approach and it is made using traditional loomed methods. The front and back are woven together simultaneously. It is a very labour-intense process and slower than the tufted one, that’s also the reason it is more expensive. Colours and decoration are woven in rather than printed onto the surface. Usually comes in two different forms, Axminster, often patterned with a velvet finish and Wilton, which can be plain or textured.

how to choose the right carpet interior design Woven

Tufted – It is the most popular carpet type today and it is made by a row of needles punching the pile yarn into a base material which produce cut or loop pile designs. It comes in a wide range of colours, finish and style.


How to choose the right carpet colour

With regards to the look nowadays you can choose many colours. Also using patterns is a now a growing trend.
Don’t forget that the colour needs to link to the rest of the palette as well as complement the other elements in the room. Pay attention to your wall colour and finish, window treatments and furniture style. Carpet needs to complement all these elements without overpowering the room.
Also, a lot it depends on the feel you want to create.

Our tip is to gather how many samples as possible and put them together with your walls and skirting colours to make sure that your scheme works well.

Is better to use patterned carpet in high-traffic areas where the patterns can help to disguise marks, staining or damage.

If you want to use pattern carpet in your dining room make sure that the pile is resilient and stain-resistant.

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