Colour personalities: wellbeing and the home

Moretti Blog   •   October, 2021

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utumn has well and truly arrived – but for some of us, it’s Autumn all year round. At least, that’s the theory of the Colour Affects System, a super interesting branch of colour psychology. This System is connected to the four temperaments identified by the Greek physician and philosopher Galen, and has been further developed by psychologist Angela Wright. Wright famously revolutionised colour theory when she identified the links between patterns of colour and patterns of human behaviour. Wright asserts that all colours can be classified into one of four tonal groups, each of which correlates to a basic personality type. These personalities are divided into seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Once you identify your colour personality – and therefore your season – colour selection becomes so much easier, in every area of your life. In particular, harnessing this knowledge about personality classification and colour seasons can transform your approach to colour within interiors. It forms part of the analysis I carry out with my clients, to help them understand their natural colour affinities. These “labels” help everyone to really understand and embrace the shades and styles they are instinctively drawn to.


The power of knowledge

We are all affected by colour psychologically. But it’s important to realise that there are no “good” or “bad” colours per se. There are no absolutes in the universe. The key lies with the way in which each colour is used. Colour personalities are also present in fashion, although for this sector, seasons and shades are based more on skin undertone, eye colour and hair colour. The (Angela) Wright Theory focuses on psychological responses, a