How Colours Can Effect Human Psychology

Moretti Blog   •   March 29, 2018

West London Family Home

As I have recently had my talk about colour psychology at the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea, I thought I start introducing a few blogs about colour in interior design. This is a very broad topic that does not stop to fashion or design but its effects go deeply in our inner human psychology.

Colour is deeply connected to our society, political, economic and historical events. Therefore, colour is definitely a significant part of our life, but it is often underestimated. As an interior designer, one of my frequently asked questions is what is the colour used on a wall of a specific project; as most of the time is thought that just replicate a colour will recreate the look. This is because people frequently see the colour for its aesthetic rather than for its origins and effects.

What is colour?


Everyone has an opinion on colour but there is no right or wrong or bad or good when it comes to colour.
In my talk, I mentioned how colour is a language, a silent one but really powerful, even more than words. This language is rich and layered and it has been proved that colour affects your quality of life and wellbeing on a largely subconscious level.