How to Decorate with Neutral Palette adding Pops of Colour

Moretti Blog   •   May 16, 2018

Neutral color palette adding pops of colour

When designing a room one of the most challenging choices is to select the right colour and the right shades to create a uniform space.
You like colours, but you don’t know how to use them in your interior?
Here you’ll find some ideas on how to decorate with neutral palette adding pops of colour, so to create a lively room with personality and character.
Be inspired and go creative!

Layering the neutral colours

The aim when deciding to use a neutral palette is to create a calm, timeless canvass that won’t go out of date, but at the same time, it won’t create a boring and flat space.
Choosing to use a neutral palette for your interior doesn’t mean pale or dull.

An idea to give life to neutrals is to use textures and patterns in a way that they create visuals interest: choose matt and shiny, smooth and rough finishes selecting among the wide variety of wood, concrete and brick finishes for example.
Furniture, fabrics and paint finish similar in the neutral tones but different in the texture when layered together create not only a calm feeling but also give depth in the space.

Another way to create layering is to connect lots of similar colours using darker shades in the same tone and liven them up adding some brighter colours. This layering can be used across paint, furniture and accessories to create a soothing scheme that is neither shouty or boring.

Once you have created a room like a neutral canvas get creative adding colours through accessories, accent furniture, artworks, soft furnishing, etc.

But practically how to add pops of colour?