Sell Your Home Quickly By Using The Right Colour Scheme

Moretti Blog   •   August 01, 2018

How to sell your home with the right colours

AAn important role, when deciding to sell your home, is played by its colour scheme. It is critical that the décor of the house is up-to-date and attractive.
First impressions are everything when selling your home, very important in fact is the feeling a potential buyer gets the first time he or she enters your home.
The easiest and less expensive way to update your home is changing or refresh the colour of the wall paint.
In addition, choosing the right paint can make an impact on how much your home sells for.
Think of your home’s colour palette as an important backdrop, like the stage where the furniture and decorations will play the leading role in giving the rooms the unique feels. When choosing the colour for selling your home think a colour that can attract all kind of buyers and that will complement every furniture and style but be giving character and personality to each room.

How to choose the right colour scheme

We know that choosing the right colour can be overwhelming. There are so many brands, colours shades and hues, finishes and combination. Even if you choose what could appear the safest colour, white, this is actually the trickiest one as it comes in so many different hues and it does have many undertones as well.
What you want to choose is a colour that is appealing to buyers, so a good choice is the ones that are neutrals, light, inviting and show the space well. Your aim is to attract the majority of potential home buyers, so avoid colours that are for a specific taste or style.

How to sell your home with the right colours

Be very careful when choosing the painting and go for neutrals and fresh shades that can make space look larger and welcoming giving personality to the room.
Neutrals don’t mean white or beige only, but it includes also light grey tones, greige (a mix of grey and beige), creamy white and muted beiges.
The use of neutral colours ensures that the walls do not conflict with the potential buyer plans for the room or the furniture that he or she would already have.

beige room

Avoid using dark and moody colours and hues as they may prevent visitors from seeing the potential spaces and natural light of the room.
Do not forget also the exterior colour of your home, this is the first thing the buyer sees. When picking the colour keep in mind the character of the neighbourhood and take in consideration also the environment surrounding.

red and blue houses

Moretti Interior Design can help you to create the right colour scheme to sell your home quickly. For more information or to book a consultation in our West London studio, contact us today.

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