Eco-Friendly Design Ideas

Moretti Blog   •   August 07, 2015

eco friendly design ideas

These eco-friendly design ideas are perfect examples of how we help our clients go green and still achieve their unique visions for their homes.

Go bananas!

eco friendly design ideas bananas wallpaper

Wallpapers made from natural and non-toxic materials are a great sustainable option for your interior décor. We’ve sourced some of the world’s most innovative eco-friendly wallpapers, manufactured by Belgian wallpaper distributor Arte-International. The Boracay collection, one of Arte’s most stylish and creative collections yet, was launched recently and uses water hyacinth and woven banana leaves to create different variations of wallpaper in a vast selection of rich, exotic colour palettes (think iridescent seashells, tropical sunsets and woodsy hues).

Let it burn—with natural gas

Opting for a heat-efficient natural gas fireplace rather than an open wood-burning fireplace is a great way to lower your home’s carbon footprint, as burning wood contributes to deforestation and the smoke contains harmful toxins that can affect your air quality. If you are worried about losing the charm of a traditional fireplace, there are virtually limitless styles of natural gas fireplace, so you can get the same cosy, rustic feel without the same environmental impact.

Multi-purpose furniture

Each piece of furniture you buy comes with its own carbon footprint, from the materials it’s made of, to the fabric dyes used and emissions released during the shipping process. So when furnishing your home, not only is it important to look for recycled or green furniture, but look for multi-purpose pieces that will reduce the amount of furniture you need; for example, a kitchen island that can also serve as a dining area, or furniture with built-in storage compartments.

Creative countertops

Eco-friendly countertops and tabletops made from recycled glass or paper can be found in a wide range of styles and finishes, and are an excellent design choice for homes in any style. Paperstone, for instance, is a composite material made entirely of post-consumer recycled paper, toxin-free resin and natural pigments; it is impervious to moisture, durable, and can be used on indoor and outdoor surfaces. When you add the affordability factor, there’s not much reason to stay with conventional unsustainable materials!

As you can see from the design tips above and from our projects, green interior design doesn’t mean living in the wilderness in a clay hut. We’ve proven that you can achieve the most stunning contemporary looks and all the comforts of modern-day living while keeping the environment in mind. Contact us today for more information on our interior design services.