Green Design Ideas that Save Money and the Environment

Moretti Blog   •   May 10, 2015

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Green interior design is all about reducing your home’s environmental impact. This means opting for eco-friendly products when furnishing and decorating your property, as well as getting your home to function sustainably.

At Moretti Interior Design, we offer eco-design consulting services to help you get the greenest, most energy-efficient home possible.

Our experience has given us lots of brilliant ideas for boosting the environmental sustainability of your home, but we’ve also seen just how cost-effective green design can be, significantly lowering clients’ overall household expenses in many cases.

Reduce your home’s environmental impact with these brilliant money saving design tips and green design ideas for an energy-efficient home:

1. Sustainable materials

The first step to reducing your home’s carbon footprint is using eco-friendly materials that can be sustainably sourced. From household products to furniture, furnishings and linens, the green market today is vast, and there’s an eco-friendly option for virtually everything in your home. We can help you find these options and then make them look great.

One of our favourite sustainable choices is bamboo flooring. Bamboo is just as durable as traditional hardwood floors, but it’s an easily renewable resource that grows much more quickly than hardwood trees because it’s actually a grass! Teak, rattan and recycled wood are also excellent sustainable building materials.

2. Natural colours

One of the easiest steps towards a greener home is choosing natural paints made of plant extracts, oils and minerals. These are also much safer for your household as they are non-toxic and don’t contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). As eco-friendly paints become increasingly popular, they’re also more affordable than ever.

3. Intelligent eco-design

In addition to using renewable materials, green design is also about designing intelligently, and this is exactly what we do at every stage of our projects. For example, we source properly insulated window and door fittings that allow for lots of natural light and ample ventilation in the warmer months. This automatically lowers electricity and heating bills all year long, as well as your home’s carbon footprint.

For more green ideas and expert advice on all your eco-design needs, contact us at Moretti Interior Design today.