How to choose the right Upholstery

Moretti Blog   •   February 07, 2018

upholstery interiors

When designing a room one of the main key to achieving the perfect interior is the choice of the right upholstered furniture. The art of upholstery is that whilst it can transform an atmosphere with the right colours and curves, it can impact an entire mood with the right support and comfort.

Selecting upholstered furniture that will satisfy the clients’ needs will be affecting their everyday life and that’s one of the reasons why we pay a lot of attention to selecting our reliable supplier.

One of our trusty suppliers is Lacaze London where furniture is handcrafted by skilled craftsmen, made bespoke to satisfy every demand with a high attention for details.

The science of cushions

At Lacaze London, they understand how what lays inside any upholstered piece is what dictate the unique feel that imprints on the use and how this feeling is individual so they thoroughly research what the clients are after for any bespoke seating.  Cushioning is after all a science in itself and the right formula of materials, densities and tensions is what gives the perfect result.

What are the most common modern fillings they use?
foam is used in modern upholstery