How To Use Soft Furnishings in Interior Design

Moretti Blog   •   December 05, 2018

How to use soft furnishing

When I teach one of the most asked questions from my students is how to put fabrics together. Being able to play with all the lovely fabrics is I think one of the main drives why people start an interior design course.
Fabrics are actually one of the core of every decorating scheme, but the way is putting together and selected its very important as all fabrics have their own personality. They can be used to create major focal points or they can subtly underline a design scheme with colour, pattern and texture.

How to start

First of all, do not think and consider a single piece, but see broader. The trick is to create a family of fabrics where the overall effect is what gives the feel and look. After you have selected all of them, you can start labelling each of them and carefully deciding which one will go where and have a feel of how little or more is needed for the room.

Add texture

How to use soft furnishing

One key aspect when working with fabrics is to add different textures. Otherwise the all scheme will be flat. Collect quite a few samples and start putting them together and play around with them until you are completely happy about the result. Don’t be afraid of having too many as little by little you will start to eliminate the one that does not look right also in terms of colour tones.

Think where the fabric will go