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Moretti Blog   •   March, 2021

Biophilic design example in home in Battersea

e’re very humbled and proud to share with you several awards The Moretti team have won over the years. Being recognised with such prestigious awards is always a wonderful and pleasant surprise.

Luxury Lifestyle Awards
Best Luxury Residential Interior Design in the United Kingdom

This year we were very excited to learn that we had become the winners of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards, in the category of The Best Luxury Residential Interior Design in the United Kingdom. What a title! Thank you Luxury Lifestyle Awards for the kind words!


SME Greater London Enterprise Awards 2020
Most Innovative Interior Design Studio

A few months earlier in 2020, we were extremely honoured to be recognised as winners of the SME Greater London Enterprise Awards for being the ‘most innovative interior design studio’. 


LUX Life
Most outstanding in Luxury Home Refurbishment – London (2019)

And lastly, in 2019 we were also crowned with an award for ‘most outstanding Luxury Home Refurbishment in London‘. Another badge we certainly wear with pride!

Each of these have been very pleasant and inspiring victories, which are a credit not only to our team but also to the clients of Moretti Interior Design. 

Each project is a challenge, but the results which bring satisfaction to both us and our clients make it all worth it.

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