The Beauty and Benefits of Living Walls

Moretti Blog   •   September 15, 2015

The Beauty and Benefits of Living Walls vertical green nature

As the popularity of sustainable design soars, homeowners are increasingly seeking inventive ways to make their properties greener. One chic new biodesign trend is the living or green wall, which is a self-sufficient vertical garden attached to an interior wall. In fact, this eco-friendly trend has become such a hit that we’re going into more detail here on why living walls are a brilliant way to brighten up your home.

Low-maintenance greenery

An unexpected benefit of living walls is that they require absolutely no maintenance. All that’s needed is 50 per cent humidity; apart from that, there’s no need for pruning, water or light to have a lush, thriving natural wall.

Unique artwork

Much like an eye-catching piece of art, living walls make a bold statement and serve as a unique focal point for any space. As living walls are available in a range of styles, there’s no need to compromise on your aesthetic preferences. By using different types of foliage, there are countless ways to create highly original, living works of art that will complement all homes—from rustic bungalows to sleek contemporary flats.

Increased property value

Research shows that having plants and green spaces in and around your property can significantly boost its value and ‘curb appeal’.

Furthermore, recent years have seen substantial growth in the demand for homes with eco-friendly design features.

As such, having a green wall in your home is an innovative and affordable way to raise your property value and attract greater buyer interest. This is especially beneficial in properties that don’t have any outdoor spaces or that have limited square footage, as living walls instantly bring the outdoors inside without the clutter of plant pots or flowerbeds.

A soothing space

Studies have proven the soothing, positive effects of being surrounded by plants and nature, including reduced stress levels, greater productivity, and improved concentration and memory retention. Green walls bring these benefits to everyone in your household, and create a calming space that is ideal for play, work or relaxation.

A healthier home

Living walls also bring many physical health benefits. By detoxifying the air in your home and producing pure oxygen, green walls significantly improve your home’s air quality. In urban environments where the air is often heavily polluted, and where even indoor spaces show startling levels of air pollution, having a home filled with clean, oxygen-rich air is hugely beneficial for overall health and wellbeing.

To discover even more benefits of having a living wall, or to find out how you can have a living wall installed in your home, contact us at Moretti Interior Design today.