Design Tips to Keep Your Home Clean and Organised

Moretti Blog   •   June 01, 2015

Design Tips to Keep Your Home Clean and Organised

Top interior design tips for keeping your home neat, organised, and clutter-free:

Clever storage solutions

It’s difficult to keep a well-ordered home if you haven’t got anywhere to store your belongings. From kitchen utensils to gardening shoes, umbrellas and paperwork, everything should have its own designated place in your home. This means maximising on the storage capacity of your property by including discreet storage areas wherever possible; for example, shelves can be added to unused wall space in hallways, and window seats can be designed as storage compartments. For small rooms, try corner shelves and built-in wall drawers as an easy way to add additional storage, and when choosing furniture, opt for pieces that have storage compartments.

Less is more

Keeping furnishings to a minimum instantly makes it easier to keep any space tidy. Having lots of unnecessary furniture adds to your dusting and wiping time and can make a space feel more cluttered. On the other hand, sticking to minimal, highly practical furniture creates a cleaner, more open feel. Opting for less furniture also helps reduce your home’s environmental impact, which is in line with our philosophy of embracing green interior design!

Easy-clean materials

Using materials that are easy to clean is the key to keeping your home looking and feeling spotless. For flooring, stained concrete with a non-porous protective sealant is an excellent choice, as it won’t absorb spills, is extremely durable, and can be cleaned in a jiffy. An added bonus is that there are lots of eco-friendly, non-toxic concrete stains available in a wide range of styles.

When choosing wall paints, opt for high-quality non-toxic paint with a high-gloss sheen to make it easy to clean or scrub out food stains or crayon marks without damaging the paintwork. As for furniture coverings, consider using machine-washable slip covers made of eco-friendly fabrics, such as hemp, that can be taken off and washed as often as needed.

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