How to add a Wow Factor to your Home

Moretti Blog   •   March 28, 2018

How to add a wow factor to your home

Our homes are more than just a place where to inhabit. They should be our stress-free and peaceful piece of paradise that we enjoy when leaving the chaotic world outside. They can be spaces to inspire, uplift us and that can surprise us!
How to create a space like this? Add a wow factor that will leave you and your guests breathless.

But what is a wow factor?

One of the main thing about creating a wow factor is that there is an element of surprise, something that you don’t expect in the space. It is something that draws your eye immediately.
A wow factor is given by that item, object or design that as soon as you enter the room will take your breath away for few seconds.
A wow factor doesn’t have to be something that cost a lot of expensive to achieve, it is more a way to project and to visualise the space.

How to add a wow factor to your home

Here some tips or ideas that will help you to give a twist and a new way to think of the space when you redesign it.

add color and texture to create a wow effect