How to Create the perfect Hallway?

Moretti Blog   •   February 28, 2018

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Often forgotten, hallways are frequently thought like spaces where there is no need to pay much attention in terms of style, colour and design for different reasons. One of these can be that we see them as spaces where we won’t spend too much time in them and we tend to look at them more on the practical side than the style side, so where to leave shoes, coats or keys.

But hallways are actually very important in a home, they have the power to give the first impression to someone when entering your home as well as the last impression when they leave.

The first few moments after we enter a home are the ones in which we decide whether we feel pleased, relaxed or uncomfortable, that is why, when designing a home, we pay extra attention to your hallway and entrance decoration and design.

But how to create the perfect hallway?

how to create the perfect hallway

Yes, hallways need to be practical but also, they need to be a space well designed and thought carefully, where nothing is left to chance.

As it is a transitional space, where you don’t spend a lot of time, and you only use to pass through, you have a little bit of freedom were choosing the walls finishing, wallpaper or wall paint.

You could use a rich shade of paint colour or a bold colour or a busier wallpaper to create a cosy feeling to a darker hallway so to make the other rooms appear brighter, calmer and bigger.

The thing to keep in mind is that the look that you choose for the hallway needs to work with the other rooms of the house, so be careful to pick a scheme that will flow with the other rooms.


Tips if your hallway is small

Hallways usually in city flats are quite small so they can be a bit tricky when it comes to choosing furniture. What it can help is choose a wall-mounted storage or furnishings- cabinets, hooks and shelves that will keep the floor clear.

If the space permits, you can add decorative and functional furniture creating a beautiful entrance.

A console table or a bench works well as a focal point and, they have functional and storage role. A slim console table with a beautiful mirror above will help make the area welcoming as well as providing a surface for storage or decorative display and accessories.

A bench can be especially useful to sit and put on and take off shoes and can give you a storage option if incorporate some space beneath.

Use the floor to give a statement, a pattern tiles or a beautiful wooden floor will sure give the attention that the hallway deserves.

How to create the perfect hallway

Hallway needs good lighting

Finally, do not forget to give importance to the lighting as well. Light is a precious element when design a home, whatever the room is. Depending on the space and the style you wish, you can use wall lights to frame a mirror for example or a fine pendant light. If you are lucky enough to have a high ceiling give a statement with a precious chandelier. It won’t be forgotten!

Moretti Interior Design can help you to create your beautiful hallway. For more information or to book a consultation, contact us today.

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