How to Design your Interior and Stay on Budget

Moretti Blog   •   May 30, 2018

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If you are thinking to re-decorate your interior or have a full refurbishment you might feel that you need to have a big budget to achieve a stylish and elegant final look and maybe this could dissuade you to even start your renovating project.
But here there are some tips on how to design your interior and stay on budget. The key word to keep in mind is to keep it simple.
The simplest solutions, in fact, can have the biggest impact and can make a room or a full house, depending on the project, a beautiful piece of heaven as you imagine it!

Here some ideas to transform every room in your home keeping the budget.

Chose few but good quality furniture

When you start to renovate the first thing to do is to think about how to allocate the budget you have for each room.

Better chose to spend in few items than buy lots of cheap or bed quality furniture piece that in times will cost you more to replace them and will no last a long time.

Consider allocating a good budget for the biggest piece of furniture, like a sofa, a dining table or a designer armchair. These pieces of furniture will give character to the room and will become soon the focal point and the centrepiece of a room.
Use the rest of the budget for more practical objects and do not forget the accessories. Sometimes the accessories are thought to be just a waste of money or something optional, but they complete the look and give personality to space. There are a lot of luxuries accessories on the market that are not too expensive, so you won’t need to spend a leg and an arm. When it comes to decorating a home and make it looks high-end details are the key. It is all about details!

minimalist living room

Add colour to the walls

Changing the colour of the wall or decorating with wallpaper is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to give your home an instant lift. Choosing the right colour will give an entirely different look to the room and will refresh all style.
There are a lot of wallpaper choices around and their price range is very wide, so find the one perfect for you and for your budget it won’t be a problem.


Choose the right lighting


Sometimes we forget about how important the lighting is in a room. They can give the mood and the energy of the space and can change our perception of the space.
Choosing the right light can transform the mood of the scheme a very little cost.
An example? Try to replace the mismatching table lamp shade with more stylish and matching ones. The result will be surprising!

Replace and complete the look with cushions

If changing your sofa is not an option, try to replace the old and tired cushions that stand on it.
Take inspiration from the colour palette of the wall and floor of the room and match the new cushions. The bigger they are the more luxurious and expensive they will look like.

Media room details cushions close-up

Change your window dressing

Window curtains or blinds could need an updating, especially when the fabric has been chosen with a specific seasonal trend the now is not in fashion anymore and that gives an old and out of date mood to all room.
Chose a more neutral or neat fabric that can last longer in years.

Consider in investing in wall décor and wall art

Dress your walls with artwork and wall décor that display what you like and what is your style. Do not forget when choosing them to think about the style of the room and how they will fit in it.


Moretti Interior Design can help you to create beautiful spaces. For more information or to book a consultation in our West London studio, contact us today.

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