How To Use Pantone Ultra Violet in Your Home

Moretti Blog   •   February 14, 2018

Pantone Ultra Violet Color of the Year 2018

We all know at this point the Pantone, international colour authority company, colour trends for 2018, and its elected colour of the year 2018: ULTRA VIOLET 18-3838.

Described by the company as a dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade, this colour communicates:

 originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future

The company Pantone selects and chooses every colour that symbolizes design trends, that it is introduced in fashion, design and arts in general and analysing also the cultural mood of a specific time.

That is why this year they have selected Ultra Violet as the most representative colour of 2018: our growing self-awareness and mindfulness is connected with the increase of meditation practices that offer to us a calm and soothing shelter from our increasingly busy and stimulated everyday world.

Violet is made up of two opposed colours, the blue and the red, and it is exactly this composition that gives to this hue a power of thoughtful but at the same time provocative feelings.

Depending on how you choose to add this colour to your home décor and in what quantity that the feeling obtained will be different.

How and in Which room is best to use Ultra Violet?

Purple in colour psychology is associated with the feeling of royalty, ambition, pride, creativity, peace and spirituality and adding it on interior décor as a touch of colour or with more invasive choices will give a rich, dramatic, sophisticated and luxurious mood to the room.

For all these reasons Ultra Violet can be a good choice for bathrooms, hallways, stairs or living rooms and bedrooms to add a touch of drama.

Violet is also good in rooms where you want to exercise creativity and imagination like a home office, art studio or kid’s playroom.