How to use the space under the stairs

Moretti Blog   •   March 07, 2018

Double workspace under stairs

Are you lucky enough to have a staircase in your home? If yes, it’s essential that no nook goes to waste, that’s why here you’ll find some different ways to use the space under the stairs that will turn this drab corner into an exciting and useful design feature.
Even if you do not have staircase maybe you could find these ideas useful for empty space in any other room or space in your home like an empty corner or alcove.

Create a cloakroom

One of the ways to use the area below the stairs is to consider the option of thinking the space as a neat downstairs cloakroom.
There are a few things to consider carefully in the first stages of the project if you start from scratch.

living area white minimalist bespoke painting cloakroom

Even if maybe is the smallest room of the house doesn’t mean it requires less planning compared to the others. Cloakrooms can improve the comfort of your home, they keep the family bathroom separate from the guests and are beneficial for those who have difficulties to use the stairs. This is what we have done in one of our London projects, photo above. We have used the understairs space and designed a nice, quite spacious cloakroom.

Think carefully about the choice of the sanitary ware, their dimensions in the specific is fundamental, how to heat and light the space.

Use very slim in-depth basin and toilet so they do not protrude too far into the room and when it is possible to use wall hung sanitary ware. The more space you’ll leave free the bigger the room will look like giving a greater feeling of space.

Also, to make installation as easy as possible it is best to position your cloakroom near to existing plumbing, or close to a kitchen or directly below an upstairs bathroom so to make the plumbing works easier