Petrified Wood Brings Prehistoric Charm to the 21st Century

Moretti Blog   •   November 16, 2015

Petrified Wood Basin interior nature

In providing our interior design and bio-design services, we’ve noted the growing trend of petrified wood, no doubt thanks to its unique aesthetic that marries the organic rawness of wood with the elegant look of natural marble. Here we offers some tips on how to incorporate petrified wood in your home design.

A unique material

Petrified wood is an unusual material is the outcome of a process known as permineralization, which occurs when wood or plant material is buried underground. Essentially, this process is a type of fossilization that takes place when water deposits minerals in the plant or wood’s cells. As the plant’s lignum and cellulose decay, a stone mould forms in its place.

Simply put, petrified wood is a fossil—one that is durable, beautiful, and full of what can only be described as prehistoric charm. Despite being fossilized or petrified (literally meaning ‘turned to stone’), many pieces of fossil wood still have their bark and woody structures, and others are so perfectly preserved that only their substantial weight gives them away.

Distinctive style

Although petrified wood can be found in sedimentary rocks and volcanic deposits all around the world, it remains a rarity in terms of building materials.

It is this very uniqueness that adds to its appeal, making petrified wood furnishings distinguishable statement pieces for any space.

The natural artistry of this wood means any piece made of this material instantly takes on an almost sculptural quality. As such, cutting-edge designers are now using petrified wood to create furnishings that are as functional as they are artistic, full of unembellished beauty.

petrified wood

Using petrified wood in your home design

Fossil wood is incredibly versatile and, like normal wood, it can be used to suit a range of interior design styles. However, the smooth, stone-like qualities of petrified wood give it a more high-end feel than wood, and its uncommon texture and form also make it a more attention-grabbing material.

You can easily bring “fossil” wood into your home design with bold pieces like petrified wood basins that can transform rustic or contemporary bathroom spaces: while the rough, bark-like exterior blends seamlessly with earthy décor, the smooth stone interior adds a modern, sophisticated effect.

The contrasting textures of it have also made it a popular building material for decorative tabletops. Those aiming for a contemporary aesthetic opt for metal, minimalist table bases, whereas those seeking an organic look use natural materials like wood or stone as a base. Alternatively, simply using a log of fossil wood as a table can provide the perfect focal point for any room.

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