How To Add Value To Your Home

Moretti Blog   •   May, 2021

Luxury garden with waterfall, lights and wooden stairs

House prices are always a hot topic. But they seem to be hitting the headlines harder than ever, as the property market surges post-COVID. If you’re thinking of selling soon, you’ve probably already considered how to add value to your home. But even if you can’t face the upheaval of an imminent move, making the right improvements now will always be a sound investment for the future.

Creating additional space is almost always beneficial in terms of adding value to your property. Large, light-filled rooms are always in demand. Furthermore, working from home, in some shape or form, is likely to remain a feature of modern life for the foreseeable future. An extension – up, down, or around – is the ideal way to maximise all the space that is available to you. Last year, garden upgrades topped the list for the most popular lockdown renovation projects, with bespoke pergolas a popular option. Now, more and more of our clients are turning their attention to the interior of their homes, via kitchen, loft and basement conversions.

Carrara House waterfall showcasing water features by designer unknown

Kitchen extensions