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Moretti Blog   •   May, 2021

Luxury garden with waterfall, lights and wooden stairs

House prices are always a hot topic. But they seem to be hitting the headlines harder than ever, as the property market surges post-COVID. If you’re thinking of selling soon, you’ve probably already considered how to add value to your home. But even if you can’t face the upheaval of an imminent move, making the right improvements now will always be a sound investment for the future.

Creating additional space is almost always beneficial in terms of adding value to your property. Large, light-filled rooms are always in demand. Furthermore, working from home, in some shape or form, is likely to remain a feature of modern life for the foreseeable future. An extension – up, down, or around – is the ideal way to maximise all the space that is available to you. Last year, garden upgrades topped the list for the most popular lockdown renovation projects, with bespoke pergolas a popular option. Now, more and more of our clients are turning their attention to the interior of their homes, via kitchen, loft and basement conversions.

Carrara House waterfall showcasing water features by designer unknown

Kitchen extensions

This kitchen extension makes the most of the gorgeous garden view, featuring a calming dining/entertaining space that also incorporates nature and the outdoors

As experienced luxury London interior designers, we are fully aware of the importance of kitchens. Renowned as the heart of a home, they are one of the most important rooms to consider when selling a property. A new kitchen can easily add 7-10% value to the average home. Depending on size and quality of build, a new kitchen extension, however, could add significantly more. And the benefits aren’t just financial. A modern kitchen extension provides more options for cooking, dining, relaxing and entertaining guests. So it won’t just provide more space; it can change the feel and personality of your entire house. In other words, the value it adds isn’t limited to the financial kind. But of course, the right kitchen extension could also attract a completely different level of buyer, if you’re renovating your home before trying to sell it.


Kitchen case studies

Carrara House waterfall showcasing water features by designer unknown

The aim of most modern kitchen extensions is to maximise space, storage and light. A neutral palette, enhanced with bright pops of colour, keeps things interesting but doesn’t overwhelm

Our full refurbishment of a four-floor Victorian house highlights perfectly how to add value to your home with a sympathetic kitchen extension. The brief for this Chiswick property was to create a new and contemporary family home. We made sure that the open plan kitchen/dining space was light and airy, luxurious and relaxed. Made-to-measure bespoke furniture was obviously important, but so were other details. Neutral walls were paired with pops of colour and texture, to add interest and personality. We kept everything very qualitative, with exquisite finishes, carefully considered lighting, and plenty of plants and greenery.




Loft conversions

Carrara House waterfall showcasing water features by designer unknown

Loft conversions lend themselves especially well to guest bedrooms. For this project, we worked hard to prioritise the natural light and exterior view, keeping the room scheme calm, clean and classy

If your ground floor extension options are limited, think up, up and away! A loft conversion can significantly increase the value of your home, while providing valuable extra space. The key advantage of redeveloping your loft is that it should transform dead space. Popular options include a guest bedroom, nursery, playroom or office space. But you could also install a luxury bathroom, games room or roof terrace. Another big bonus? Most loft conversions can be carried out without planning permission, although the work will still need to satisfy certain building regulations.



Expert advice for loft conversions

If you need inspiration about how to add value to your home with a loft conversion, do prioritise natural light, ventilation and quality of view. So choose minimalist blinds/window treatments, rather than cumbersome heavy curtains. Steer clear of dark colour schemes – although subtle patterns and textures are fine. And do keep clutter to a minimum. Natural materials, plants and flowers add personality without being overwhelming.

Basement conversions

In certain areas of London, where space is especially tight, converting a basement is now the most popular form of redesign. The key advantage of reworking a basement is that they can provide an entire floor of extra space. So they offer serious scope for extending and enhancing your interior living options. Cinema rooms, home gyms, or even swimming pools are popular choices, depending on the size and depth available. So if you’re wondering how to add value to your home, a basement conversion is well worth considering. It could increase your property’s value by as much as 30%. Your home doesn’t even need to have an existing basement or cellar to convert. A retrospective basement conversion can be created beneath almost any home. It can even extend beneath your garden to fully maximise all potential living space.

Basement case study

The basement extension we created for a client in Chiswick highlights how well this type of project lends itself to joined-up thinking. The brief was to create a TV/family room adjacent to a wine cellar, providing a relaxation space for all members of the family. A glass window cleverly connects the two areas. We paired a marble worktop with wooden crates and stools, to introduce a rustic feel. And how fabulous is the wall colour? We chose this Farrow & Ball paint, Brinjal 222, specifically to evoke the typical shade of a rich, red Burgundy.

Carrara House waterfall showcasing water features by designer unknown

A basement conversion is the ideal way to add a wine cellar to your home. This client’s wine room incorporates plentiful storage, a tasting area – and a practical viewing window to the TV/family room next door

Given the often complex structural issues involved, a basement conversion tends to be more expensive and more time-consuming than either a kitchen or loft extension. But it is also the most versatile and adaptable option – and can even be completely self-contained. You could even rent a basement with its own direct entrance and all appropriate facilities. So it won’t just add value to your home when you want to move. It could also provide an additional income while you’re still living in it.


For more advice on all forms of extensions/conversions, and how to add value to your home, please get in touch here and our expert team be pleased to assist.


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