Why choose a non-toxic wall paint

Moretti Blog   •   June 06, 2018

why choose non-toxic wall paint

One of the first step when designing a colour scheme for a room is to define the colour that the wall paint will be. That is one of the fun parts!
But the job of an interior designer, in this case, is not only to choose the right paint shade but also to choose the right product that will satisfy the client’s needs. There is a big variety of company that sells wall paint so we know how the client can be overwhelmed by it, how can be difficult to choose the right colour and the right supplier. Setting aside the selection of the colour for a moment we will explain how to choose a wall paint responsibly and why to choose a non-toxic wall paint.

Paint chemical components

Choosing a wall paint responsibly means paying attention to its component and how eco-friendly is that specific paint for the environment and for your health.
All wall paints contain some chemical ingredients like those that compose the pigments or colours, some others to hold the paint together and others as preservatives, stabilisers, thickeners and driers. Between these chemical ingredients, there are the so-called volatile organic compound or VOCs.

why choose non-toxic wall paint

They are organic, carbon-based, chemical compounds and solvents such as white spirit, that evapora