Health and Wellness Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Moretti Blog   •   September 12, 2018

Health and Wellness Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

You may have seen Himalayan salt lamps in homes and offices glowing with beautiful light orange and pink hues but you may not know how amazing these lamps are for your wellbeing. Yes, you read it right, these lamps are not just beautiful decoration pieces but also have so many health and wellness attributes attached to them. So if you want to live in a peaceful and serene environment then you just need to get your hands on these incredible Himalayan salt lamps.

Basically, these lamps are big chunks of Himalayan salt which are hand carved into different shapes and sizes with a bulb fitted inside them. Himalayan salt is said to be the purest, mineral-rich salt which makes these lamps totally different from other ordinary lamps. You can get different kinds of Himalayan salt lamps in bulk from Ittefaq Salt-one of the largest Himalayan salt suppliers. Let’s explore more about the versatility and benefits of these lamps in this article.

An Ideal Décor Item

These all natural salt lamps are ideal for décor of any place. Due to their health and wellness properties, these lamps create a tranquil and soothing environment and enhance the whole decor.

These are ideal to change the overall look of your home and office in no time. You can place them anywhere in your home and office to get most of their benefits and enjoy their warm glow and beauty.

Natural Air Purifier

Another great attribute of these lamps is their ability to improve the quality of air by cleaning and purifying it naturally. When heated, these lamps emit negative ions in the atmosphere which are also known as “vitamins of air”. Due to hygroscopic nature of Himalayan salt, these lamps attracts the wate