How interior design can improve your wellbeing

Moretti Blog   •   August 15, 2018


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A few years ago, while at Uni I started studying Biomimicry, and that was it, my Eureka moment! This has inspired me on how to develop my designs! Let’s start looking around you, design is actually everywhere and is there to improve whatever you do. So it will make sense that also designing an interior space should improve the way you live.

But where did humans always have got their inspiration from? Of course from Nature! As Albert Einstein said

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

In a few words, my philosophy is that design is an organic, natural and harmonious need that we all have in Nature like animals have, for instance, birds creating their nest and spiders their cobwebs. I believe that your walls should enclose a space that is deeply in tune with you and your soul and values. Somewhere you feel completely comfortable, a happy and healthy environment where you can create and savour lasting memories.

Interior Design Wellbeing

Bio-Design in Interiors

So I started what I called Bio-Design, that is designing using lighting, sound and nature to create a place that works for the clients and the people around them; a place that can be called home where they can appreciate their surroundings with all their senses. But this means not only using Nature and Biophilic products but seeing the design as a whole part of who we are as human being.

I believe that what is important is not just the final design but the whole process that is behind, and that means also creating your perfect home taking inspiration from Nature, colour and environmental psychology as well as art and science. At the end of the day, think that your home is not just a space where you go and sleep, b