Why You Should Hire an Interior Designer

Moretti Blog   •   October 05, 2015

why you should hire an interior designer

What many homeowners learn the hard way is that there’s a lot more to interior design than picking furniture and painting a few walls. How you design your interior directly impacts the functionality, carbon footprint, comfort and aesthetics of your home.

Through the many projects we’ve completed on homes and properties of every style and size, we’ve proven the value of hiring an interior designer. Below are just a few of the reasons not to go it alone.


Getting the perfect interior design for your needs, taste and budget takes time—and lots of it. From researching reliable contractors to finding stylish and sustainable products, each phase of designing is immensely time-consuming. With an interior designer, all you’ve got to do is outline your vision and specifications, then leave the rest to them.

Design quality

Interior designers understand how to make the most of any space, and can interpret your vision to achieve the look and atmosphere you want to create. They also ensure that your home’s overall look is cohesive and original, full of unique design touches. As for functionality, interior designers understand how to give you the right layout, furnishings and materials to get things done easily, comfortably, and sustainably in your home.


We’re inundated with design tips and DIY ideas from TV and the Internet, many of which appear far more feasible or affordable than they actually are. An interior designer will help you sift through the misinformation while keeping your project on track and within budget. An experienced interior designer will also know how to overcome any challenges that arise, ensuring that your project is completed smoothly and on time.

Contacts you can trust

Every day, homeowners are reeled in by cowboys who do a shoddy job and charge a fortune. Interior designers eliminate that risk thanks to their extensive networks of trusted contractors and high-quality suppliers.

Eco expertise

As the green trend continues to grow, there’s an increasing number of low-quality and falsely advertised sustainable products to watch out for. So if you want an eco-friendly home, it’s important to hire an interior designer who understands the eco-friendly market—someone who will know that not all sustainable bamboo floors are equally durable, for example.

Less stress

All of the above reasons amount to one clincher: less stress for you. By entrusting your project to a skilled interior designer, you can relax and enjoy watching your home’s design take shape rather than grappling with all the nitty-gritty and hurdles that come with interior design. It’s also much more affordable that you might think!

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