How to start planning the interior of your home

Moretti Blog   •   March 13, 2019

Designing a home can be a tricky business and it is inevitable that at some point you will find some difficulties. You may already have a vision of your dream home, but first, you need to spend time analysing what it is that you really want.

Where to Start


Begin by writing yourself a brief, a properly written one and not just in your head. Not only will this focus your mind on the priorities of what you would like to achieve, but it can help you to stay focus on your original vision in the few months to come, that is when is easy to lose track and being overwhelmed. So my advice is to get a nice notebook in which you can start noting down your and your family wishes. Never forget about the other people living with you and their requirements too. The house needs not only to look beautiful but it needs to work for whoever lives in there.



It might be tempting to get straight into the decorating. But before start thinking about all the lovely colour paints, fabrics and cushions and furniture start firstly looking and analysing the space planning and the function that you require for space. I will say that this stage is one the most important whether you are designing a new home or renovating a home you have been living in for many years. Spend time understanding how you and your family live and note down the activities that you do. Only after this start looking at the colours and materials that you would like to use. Do not make the mistake of introducing one piece at the time. Everything needs to be linked and have a flow so think about the overall look rather than just a single piece. Do not forget to include in the planning your children needs too. They do have their say, and they do have specific ideas about what they would like from their bedroom or playrooms.

Start the Design

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Now that you have planned and analysed your space, and you know that your original list of priorities for each room can be accommodated in the space provided, you are on the way to you can start to design! It is important to make design boards for each room that you are designing. These can include physical samples of fabrics, flooring and digital images of inspiration. Start collecting anything that inspires you even from places that you have visited. Do not get stuck to just one piece that you like but see how the whole look flows, if the all colour tones match. Also, do check the prices of items you select before putting them in the board, especially if you are on a budget. Do not rush with your choices. If you can put your board on the wall and look at it every day, you will see how you will start adding and removing pieces. You have to be completely sure that the whole design works! Remember, the interior should enhance your home’s design as well as your personal wellbeing.

Managing your project

If you are going to be your own interior designer, you will also need to be your own project manager and making sure that things will run smoothly. Be prepared that this can take a lot of your time and can become quite stressful.

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