What is a Sample Board?

Moretti Blog   •   January 17, 2018

What is a Sample Board?

Sample board can be defined as the development of the early client brief and the concept board. With the client brief first and the concept board after we should have collected all the information needed to create the right interior for a specific client and developing this information will create the sample board that gives exactly the idea of what will be the proposed scheme.

What is materially a sample board?

A sample board is a presentation board of the actual furniture intended to be used to create the final look of a room.

In the sample board, we will have samples of actual materials and pictures of materials that are not sampled, as well as furniture and accessories pictures to give an idea of what kind of furniture is going to be used in the room being designed.

Every element will be shown on the sample board, from the main furniture to the smallest accessories as well as the window treatment style was chosen or a specifically selected wallpaper or the colour of the wall paint.

A sample board can be either be completed by hand or generated using a computer.

What is a Sample Board?

But is it better to create a sample board by hand or digitally?