Colour Trends 2018

Moretti Blog   •   November 09, 2017

Colours trends 2018 pantone interior

Colour is vitally important and when design a space it gives you the possibility to create the desired mood, a distinct look or embrace a specific style. Its use is also treated as a fantastic form for easy self-expression.

2018 with the new colour trends will bring new inspirations, ideas and a new source of energy to create original and personal designs.

Two are the macrotrends for the next year in terms of colours:

Metallics: something that captures the human eye. It includes anything pearlized or translucent. Copper has been popular for the last couple of years and can see its appearance now also as a fabric cushion or on wallpaper. Brass is now the metallic of the moment.

Intense colours: In the next year we can assist at the movement from pastel colours to intense colour. The reason can be seen to reflect our intense and hectic lifestyle.

Every year the Pantone Colour Institute, known as the globally influential brand in colour, announces the colours ultimate trends.

It has set 8 colour palettes as a guideline for the next year.

Color palette interior design 2018

This palette suggests two meanings: first the need to renovate and re-use what we already own; second the will to give a fresh, bright new way of life. This sense of invention is expressed in colours with hues of blues juxtaposed with varying shades of orange and a supportive tone of neutral greenish-taupe.