Colour Trends 2018

Moretti Blog   •   November 09, 2017

Colours trends 2018 pantone interior

Colour is vitally important and when design a space it gives you the possibility to create the desired mood, a distinct look or embrace a specific style. Its use is also treated as a fantastic form for easy self-expression.

2018 with the new colour trends will bring new inspirations, ideas and a new source of energy to create original and personal designs.

Two are the macrotrends for the next year in terms of colours:

Metallics: something that captures the human eye. It includes anything pearlized or translucent. Copper has been popular for the last couple of years and can see its appearance now also as a fabric cushion or on wallpaper. Brass is now the metallic of the moment.

Intense colours: In the next year we can assist at the movement from pastel colours to intense colour. The reason can be seen to reflect our intense and hectic lifestyle.

Every year the Pantone Colour Institute, known as the globally influential brand in colour, announces the colours ultimate trends.

It has set 8 colour palettes as a guideline for the next year.

Color palette interior design 2018

This palette suggests two meanings: first the need to renovate and re-use what we already own; second the will to give a fresh, bright new way of life. This sense of invention is expressed in colours with hues of blues juxtaposed with varying shades of orange and a supportive tone of neutral greenish-taupe.


Playful speaks to the need for products or surroundings that are confident, quirky and out-of-the-ordinary. It is a lively palette that includes pink, yellow, and an unexpected Guacamole green. It is a perfect colours palette to add a something whimsical to a room.

yellow colour playful colour palette 2018
color trends 2018 Discretion

It is a serene and delicate palette. It mixes nostalgic shades of lavender, that give a calm final mood with muted, yet strengthening, tones of blues and greens.


This Pantone next palette refreshes the abundance of greens with some differentiating and splendid shades.The colours introduce in this palette are symbolic of health, abundance and vitality: colours like celery, herbal-tea-like tone, berry-infused purple and eggshell blue.

interior colours trend 2018 pantone
Color palette interior design 2018

This palette reaches and embraces many different cultures. It combines earthy, warm and light colour. The ongoing fascination for rose tones comes forth in different shades of pink mixed with a cool brown and wine red. An earthy touch is added with terra cotta-like shades as well as a pale yellow that can be juxtaposed against cooler greyed-blue.


Classic neutrals including variations of cool and warm grey, taupe, and white are all a natural starting place for these detailed multi-dimensional designs. Adding visual interest is the glimmer of metallic surfacing, both warm and cool with a drama accent of red and yellow.

intricacy interior pantone 2018 color trends
Color palette interior design 2018

The colours selected for this palette evoke strength, power, depth, and sophistication. Shades of plum, blue, and blue-green calm the strength of oranges and reds. A golden yellow, metallic gold and a strong black add a stylish final touch to these intense shadings.


Pantone last palette winks to the future and to the technology through high sheen effect such as pearlescent, opalescent or translucent. This palette includes bright turquoise, pink and purple colours linked with white and frosted almond.

Color palette interior design 2018

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