Emotional wellbeing & interior design

Moretti Blog   •   January, 2021

Luxury garden with waterfall, lights and wooden stairs

Emotional wellbeing has never been more important or, for many of us, more difficult to sustain. In fact, the COVID-19 pandemic changed almost everything about the way we lived in 2020. so, as a result, it’s unlikely that this “new normal” will resemble the “old normal” soon. Thanks to coronavirus, its associated lockdowns and self-isolation requirements, most of us are spending more time indoors than ever before. Therefore, it is vital that we see our home as our sanctuary – a retreat which provides safety, stimulus and shelter. We asked our Creative Director, London interior designer Cinzia Moretti, how you can apply this to your home and here is her expert advice:

Biophilic design with water features

Our home is one of the key influences on our mood, our motivation and our general wellbeing. So, make sure yours is warm, welcoming and conducive to health and happiness. One such example is this beautiful open-plan living spac