Flooring Trends 2017

Moretti Blog   •   March 23, 2017

flooring trends 2017

Spring is officially upon us (or so I keep being told) and with this season comes new beginnings. New life, more daylight, and lovely fresh bulbs blooming around us… you get the picture. But for many people spring means cleaning, a time to rejuvenate. Change. Well where better to start than within your home?

People often overlook flooring and the effect that it can have on a room. Do you recall the last time that you updated the laminate in your living room? Has that carpet in the hallway been laid since you moved in? It’s time to stop neglecting your floors and get up to date on the latest flooring trends!

It’s 2017 and people are still playing it safe, so it’s time to ditch the predictable, enough with the typical and good riddance to the neutral. This is your time to make a statement, be bold and own your home.

Whilst on the subject of statements lets start with a trend that really took off in 2016, dark coloured flooring. This trend really caught on last year and it works particularly well in line with another trend, contrasting white/grey furnishings. It is commonly said that dark floors make a room appear smaller, however the counter argument is that they help to create an astonishing amount of warmth and comfort within a room and as mentioned above, are easy to accomplice with interior furnishings.

If you’re looking to give your living area a makeover then we recommend something along the lines of a deep coloured, distressed engineered wood floor.

This type of flooring helps to create a real vintage look, aligned with the current shabby chic trend (that still seems to be going strong!), it gives you much more freedom to accessorise and add your own personal touch. Due to the way that is constructed this flooring is incredibly durable and can handle heavy amounts of foot traffic, making it ideal if you have a busy home! Aside from the living area, dark flooring is a great option for your kitchen/dining area, although, we would recommend laminate or even vinyl as oppose to real wood. This is simply because they are able to deal with moisture a lot better and can be maintained easier should any spillages occur.

A bit of History

Before we surge too far into the future I would like to indulge in a bit of history. Picture the scene, a chateaux in 16th century France… Okay, it’s pretty specific, but this is where parquet flooring was originally installed. It proved to be quite popular and was used throughout the Victorian era in England, usually found in the hallways of grand houses. The flooring is usually installed at a 90-degree angle, which creates a zigzag effect and adds a real elegant feel to any room. There are multiple options available when it comes to parquet flooring, solid wood or engineered. There are also multiple shades and finishes available, which makes parquet a really versatile choice.

Climbing its way up the popularity ladder is Matte finish flooring. Although we are yet to see the full effect of this trend it is seeing a huge rise, which is something we expect to continue well into 2017. Matte has been described as “dull and boring” in recent years but it seems to be growing on people who prefer the subtle undertones, understated is perhaps better than overrated. Matte flooring offers texture along with a simple finish making it the ideal option for areas such as the bedroom or