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Moretti Blog   •   January 30, 2019

Color Trends of 2019 - Spiced Honey

As soon as the new year has kicked in, the most asked question I have had was about the 2019 trends. So here it goes, let’s get 2 birds with one stone and let me tell you what I think we will see this year.

Now, for the past few years, grey has dominated the neutral interior’s palette. And you all know that I love grey, as I think is a good base for adding then accent colours. But looks like people have started to be drawn more towards the warmer, friendlier tones of oatmeal and stonewashed sandy shades.

Dulux’s Colour of the Year for 2019 is ‘Spiced Honey’, that is a warm caramel hue with inviting amber tones.

Why and how colours are chosen each season is another fascinating topic, so I will do another blog to explain that soon! Going back to the last few months, these Beige tones and earthy shades have been the protagonist of the catwalk. Fashion and Interior go hand in hand, so it is not a surprise that what we see in the fashion shops will influence our homes too.

Grey lovers do not get sad though, grey is still present, but is only giving more space to Blush tones as the new neutral, and If you pair it with greys will create a very nice calming palette, and it can be combined with bold colours like navy, forest green, or citrine.

Materials and patterns

Materials interior trends 2019

Our fascination with natural materials and the visual texture will continue strong. We will see a mix of natural stones, quartzite, and terrazzo together with some beautiful tactile textures like Rattan, bamboo, seagrass and driftwood to help warm your scheme. These will accompany soft texture like velvet, especially in dusky pink, deep blue or teal tones, merging luxury and practicality. Soft and Sumptuously seductive velvet headboards and sofas are a nice way to introduce this year trend look into your home.
We will also see the mixer of metal accent, hence brass, chrome or copper still are going strong for creating a timeless and balanced look.


West London Family Home

The Crittall style will still be very popular. There’s no denying that I love the Crittall-look as they have the ability to completely transform a space; so quite happy to see that this will stay strong and not just as windows and doors, allowing you to cleverly partition open areas to create different zones, but also as room dividers and shower screens. This style gives a cool and modern look but also being slim-profile frames by opening up space and letting more light in.

The Crittall industrial look will take its centre stage together with the Art Deco, which influence will become more prominent in the coming year, inspiring both textile design and furniture. From a colour perspective in furniture, we will see that pink continues to be very strong and will be complemented by blush hue together with olive green and navy.

But my favourite trends this year has to be the one for lush and leafy living walls that continue to grow. Being passionate about Nature, for me is so nice to see that living walls from hotels, restaurants, and retail spaces now become stylish in modern homes too. This is brilliant to create feature walls and focal point and if you add lighting effects can give the uniqueness touch and a wow factor to any interior.

If you want to see how the trends have transformed, be sure to check out the Interior Design trends of 2018.

What will be your favourite trend for this year then?

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