5 Creative Ways to Incorporate Mosaics into Your Décor

Moretti Blog   •   April 21, 2015

mosaic decor interior wallpaper

Mosaics have been adorning houses and gardens since 800 BC, with mosaic techniques evolving over time to give modern-day homeowners a vast range of mosaic styles and designs to choose from.

Although mosaics may have been traditionally associated with Mediterranean-style homes, there are endless ways to add mosaic features to virtually any part of your property, no matter the style.

1. Artistic wallpaper

Interior designers around the world gasped in delight when Arte-International, a company producing luxury avant-garde wallpaper, launched its exquisite collection of mosaic wallpapers. Tasteful, yet rich and almost tactile in appearance, this modern mosaic wallpaper adds glamour and luxuriant sophistication to any space, whether used throughout a room or as an elegant accent wall.

2. Step up the style

To give your stairs a little artistic flair, add a chic mosaic design to the stair risers. The style, pattern and colours of the mosaic materials can be varied according to the look of your property. With our bespoke design service, you can tailor the mosaic to be as attention-grabbing or subtle as you’d like.

3. Chic garden features

Mosaic features are simply a wonderful way to brighten up any garden. The key is not to go overboard, using mosaic designs for just one or two stand-out features. Some of our favourite options include mosaic tabletops on dainty garden tables, one or two mosaic plant pots, or even a bohemian mosaic walkway designed with differently sized stones and pebbles.

4. Eye-catching backsplashes

Adding a mosaic backsplash to your kitchen or bathroom is perhaps one of the most stylish ways to make your space unique. As you can see from our project gallery, we can find the perfect mosaic design for your home, whether you’re a fan of minimalist simplicity or dramatic baroque aesthetics.

5. Accent mirrors

Whether they’re colourful, neutral-toned, classic Greek-style, or made with sleek contemporary tiles, mosaic mirror frames are hugely popular because of their timeless style. Mirrors of all shapes and sizes can be customised with mosaic frames, livening up any room of your home, from bathrooms to patios.

At Moretti Interior Design, there’s nothing we enjoy more than helping clients discover new and creative ways to set their homes apart, whether it’s with fashionable mosaic wallpaper, innovative light fixtures, or unique window dressings. For more information on our interior design services, contact us today.