How to decorate your home for Christmas

Moretti Blog   •   December 19, 2018

Christmas Decorations Tips

I am sure that whenever you mention the word “Christmas”, most people will say that is their favourite time of the year. Well is mine too, because I love the atmosphere created by the decorations and the lights. If it was for me I would keep the Christmas tree all year round!

During the Christmas period, I do get calls from some of our clients to give them some ideas on how to decorate their homes for the holidays to complement the design that we have already done. And I have to be honest I love when I can see the houses we have designed become even more magic with extra lighting and decorations! Of course, there are new trends every year, and there are different styles of decorations from Nordic, to Country to minimalist.

Hence, how do we find the right compromise between the trends and our personal style?

Christmas Mood board

Firstly look at your house and see what is the style, or if it is a mixer which one is more dominant. Then create a Christmas mood board or pin board. Start maybe a month before you will start decorating so that you the time to change things on that. In the end, you should come up with something that in terms of colours and style will perfectly blend with your interior. Thus, you know what to get and the mood that you want to create before starting with your decoration shopping.

So let’s start with some tips: