How To Design Your House Entrance

Moretti Blog   •   February 27, 2019

West London Family Home

The first impression is what it counts! Have you ever met someone and just after few seconds understand if you get on with that person or not? well for your home is exactly the same. The first impression is what will stick in our mind. Many people think that when designing a home the first room to start with will be the kitchen or the living area. Well, I actually start from the entrance, as this is what will set up the whole theme of your house. Is the first and last thing that people see when entering and leaving your home.

So what to consider when designing your entrance?


Start understanding how much you can allocate from your budget as this will determine how many items and of which price range you can afford. As for anything in-house planning is the key so even from the money point of view this is important. If you leave your hallway for last you will notice that you will not have anything left, and start using what every item you can find just to for the purpose.


Don’t forget that the entrance is not just about the look but the smell as well. The smell in a home is highly evocative. Of course every home smell different, but try and choose the smell that you like for your home and introduce the sense of smell in the entrance as this is the first thing that you and your guest will attract to in a subconscious level. It’s generally very important to design your home using your senses.