How to design your home using your senses

Moretti Blog   •   January 16, 2019

West London Chiswick Home Extension Traditional Contemporary Kitchen

Feed the senses with design: I have put in place the process of Bio-Design because I believe that designing a home should take in consideration so many different factors. The planning, the lighting and the interior architecture are the base to give space after to add the mood before you are ready to sit down and enjoy, as a home is not really finished until you have added stimulation for all your senses. The way we do this is adding different layers of elements that can evoke a particular emotion or memory. Often we forget, when designing our home, that an appealing space is not only one which appeals to your visual sense but to your other fours senses as well.

The senses of touch, smell, sound and even taste, all come into play when creating an inviting home.

So let’s see how we can stimulate our senses with the design!


How to design your home using your 5 senses

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