How the Right Pieces of Art Can Transform Your Home

Moretti Blog   •   January 11, 2016

How the Right Piece of Art Can Transform Your Home

You don’t have to be an art expert to appreciate the beauty and power of a painting or drawing. However, a little skill and creativity go a long way when incorporating a beautiful piece of art into a home. Yes, you can just hang a painting on a wall and be done with it, but our experience in providing our home accessorising service has shown us first-hand that when décor and artwork come together seamlessly, the outcome can be simply breathtaking, having a transformative effect on any home. Here, we take a brief glimpse at the difference art can make when skilfully combined with your home décor and interior design.

Make a powerful impact

The art you choose should support and enhance the lines and colours throughout the room, or vice versa, as this boosts the impact of both your décor and the artwork. There are myriad ways of tying your décor in with your art choice, such as using colours from the painting in furnishings and décor throughout the room, or decorating a space with accessories and furniture that reflect the lines of the artwork. For example, abstract paintings featuring simple geometric forms like squares and rectangles add visual interest in rooms where furniture is sleek with clean, crisp lines.

It’s all about ambience

Great art evokes powerful emotions, so the right pieces can have a significant impact on a room’s atmosphere. For example, Impressionistic landscapes in whimsical pastels or muted earthy tones can make a space feel tranquil and inviting. Similarly, hanging bold or unique artwork in spaces for entertaining injects vivacity into the room while serving as the perfect conversation-starter.

Create contrasts

With 2016 colour trends favouring intensely coloured walls, it’s the ideal moment to invest in paintings that will create an eye-catching contrast against your wall colour. This can lighten up rooms painted in dark shades of blue, green or purple, while adding to the sophistication of these rich hues.

Add illusion

By placing mirrors strategically to reflect artwork from different angles, you can easily maximise a piece’s impact. This tactic works well in large, modern spaces and is an effective way to add a touch of drama, particularly to a foyer or an area for entertaining.

Don’t forget frames

While the art itself is, of course, important, the frame also plays an essential part in your décor. If you’re going for a luxurious Art Deco look, for instance, you may opt to showcase pieces in elaborately detailed metal frames, while simple raw-wood frames would work well in a cabin-style home.

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