Guest Bedroom Styling Ideas

We can’t quite believe that Christmas is fast approaching. For most of us, this special time of year is all about spending time with family and friends. In fact, hosting guests can be a real pleasure. However, you may now wish you’d come up with some elegant guest bedroom ideas. After all, overnight visits will revolve around the spare bedroom so these will require a certain amount of preparation to be enjoyable and stress-free.

Socialising at Christmas

Christmas is a convivial time, which usually involves a lot of socialising. Many people, therefore, prioritise areas such as kitchens, lounges and dining rooms when planning a pre-Christmas interiors revamp. But it’s vital not to neglect your spare bedroom. In reality, all guests need an appealing space they can escape to, and are happy to spend time in. At Moretti Interior Design, we believe that the best guest rooms are comfortable, welcoming, uncluttered – but never impersonal. So, read on for some of our director Cinzia Moretti’s expert guest bedroom ideas for luxury London interior design:

Guest room ideas: Choosing colours

When considering guest bedroom ideas, you may want to begin with your colour scheme. After all, your guest bedroom should never be an afterthought. In fact, it shouldn’t feel in any way out of place with the rest of your home. So, whether you favour classic or traditional décor styles elsewhere, make sure your guest room is aligned.

If you’d like your spare bedroom to appeal to a range of different guests, we would advise staying neutral. In reality, this is not the time or place to experiment with bold or unusual colours. So, beige, cream and blush tones offer versatile combinations that won’t date or overwhelm. Remember, you don’t want your guest room to intimidate or intrude. I think it’s about creating a sense of serenity that isn’t age- or gender-specific.

Spare bedroom ideas: Bed size & style

Christmas is an exhausting time, so comfort is key. When you are researching spare bedroom ideas, think carefully about the bed you’ll choose! In fact, a sumptuous sleeping space will elevate any stay into a luxurious treat. If your space permits, choose a double bed at the very least. My team and I believe even solo visitors will appreciate the extra space, especially in a luxury home. Also think carefully about the bed’s position. So, make sure it is accessible from all angles, but still convenient for any bedside tables.

In addition, how you style your bed is just as important as the bed itself. As a leading luxury interior designer in London, I always suggest treating your guests to the softest sheets and perfectly plumped pillows. You can introduce some texture with a super soft throw, which coordinates with a feature wall perhaps, as we’ve done here. Luxe fabrics such as silk and satin are always great options for your spare bedroom, and never go unnoticed by guests.

Cinzia Moretti – Creative Director at Moretti

With a neutral colour scheme, pattern and texture is key to keeping any bland at bay. See how we have brightened this fresh, clean bedroom with subtle hints of duck egg and deeper blues. Also, a textured blanket complements the plush cushions and detail on the bed linen, perfectly. In addition, our guest bedroom ideas included this striking artwork, which adds interest and colour co-ordination to this luxury interior design.


This statement sofa is a stylish focal point, and provides an eye-catching pop of colour to break up the room’s neutral colour scheme.

Loft living in the guest room

If your guest bedroom looks onto your garden below, why not try to showcase this with your window treatments? In addition, natural light, ventilation and quality of view should always be prioritised. So, keep your windows uncluttered by dark, heavy curtains. In fact, you could choose a minimalist blind instead, as we did in this beautiful loft space in a West London family home. After all, this will maximise the light and frame the view.

Plants and flowers are also a simple, yet effective, way to introduce elements of nature to your spare bedroom. As a result, they add that extra welcoming touch and make any space seem less clinical. My advice would be to mix and match a styled bouquet with a potted plant for variety. And don’t be afraid to use natural pieces on which to showcase your plants. For example, furniture, storage or display stands made of rattan, cork, bamboo or wood all work well.


Hotel-style bedroom interiors

We designed this guest bedroom to reflect hotel living in line with our client’s brief. Essentially, they were looking for an area where their guests could feel completely relaxed.

Biophilic spare bedroom ideas

When considering guest bedroom ideas, I feel it’s important to incorporate as many biophilic design principles as possible. Put simply, biophilic design aims to incorporate nature within interiors, and increase connectivity to the natural environment. So, aside from the aesthetic benefits, biophilic interiors can make us happier and healthier, both physically and psychologically.

Moretti Interior Design has always worked hard to include natural elements in our designs. And we can recommend plenty of ways to use biophilic elements to complement your own guest bedroom ideas. For example, we feel natural materials, natural lighting and plants are three easy areas to focus on.

Spare room ideas with accessories

As with so much in life, little details can have a big impact. So, when you’re compiling your guest bedroom ideas, don’t neglect the accessories. A bedside table, complete with an ambient reading light, is always appreciated. However, rugs, cushions and a sumptuous throw at the end of the bed can add warmth. Also, a seasonal room fragrance is another thoughtful touch for a luxury interior design scheme.

If you’ve chosen plain, light walls, a print or painting is a great way to make your spare bedroom seem less impersonal. In fact, I tend to co-ordinate any prints with the colours in a room for a more balanced, luxury interior design concept. A wall-hung mirror too, can be both practical and light enhancing. After all, your objective is to evoke the comforts of home, but perhaps to combine them with the indulgence of a hotel.

Symmetry in your guest bedroom

If your guest bedroom ideas feature two beds, not one, we suggest you keep things symmetrical in terms of dressing the beds. This is a simple, yet effective, design trick to reduce visual clutter and keep your space streamlined. And however many beds you include, try to match your general layout to the type of guests you most frequently host. Will it be couples or families? Younger children or teenagers? Overnighters or longer visits? Choose the solution that works best for the majority of your guests. In this room, our client was looking for luxury interior design, which would provide his daughters with a neutral, clean and elegant space in which to stay.

How to add the accessories

Christmas can be overwhelming – for guests as well as hosts – so a spare bedroom is more than just somewhere to sleep. In a luxury London home, this should be somewhere your guests can go to recharge and relax. Therefore, an accent or side chair for reading and making phone calls is always a welcome addition. Position your chair near the window, and ideally next to a console table or cabinet. Add a cushion and a table light, and you have an instant oasis where you guests can seek sanctuary whenever necessary.

We have a whole host of guest bedroom ideas and would be delighted to help you plan, design and style these spaces. For more information about the interiors services we offer, or to book a consultation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our expert team will be delighted to help you create beautiful spaces throughout your entire home.

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