How To Add The Wow Factor To Your Home

Our homes are more than just a place where to inhabit. They should be our stress-free and peaceful piece of paradise that we enjoy when leaving the chaotic world outside. They can be spaces to inspire, uplift us and that can surprise us!

How to create a space like this? Add a wow factor that will leave you and your guests breathless.

What is ‘the wow factor’?

One of the main thing about creating a wow factor is that there is an element of surprise, something that you don’t expect in the space. It is something that draws your eye immediately.

A wow factor is given by that item, object or design that as soon as you enter the room will take your breath away for few seconds.
A wow factor doesn’t have to be something that cost a lot of expensive to achieve, it is more a way to project and to visualise the space.

How to add the wow factor to your home

Here some tips or ideas that will help you to give a twist and a new way to think of the space when you redesign it.

Add colour and texture

If your space is relatively neutral you can achieve a bit of wow factor adding colour, contrast or movement through simple elements.
Adding a subtle pop of colour will give to the neutral space a surprising and exciting feeling and mood.

You could select a colour that is bold, bright and eye-catching and create with it a feature wall for example or using it through accessories and soft furnishings.

If you are not really into colours you could have the same result adding some texture and movement through a very carefully materials selection or choosing a textured or patterned wallpaper.

These kinds of tricks will create a visual focal point that will attract your eye and leave you surprised.
Adding texture to your home will immediately make feel the space welcoming a cosy and give the desired wow factor.

Indoor outdoor

If you have the right space layout or you are changing some doors or windows that is the advice for you. Letting the space flowing from the inside to the outside has become a very interesting way to bring the outside in and make everything feel more open and wider.
Using large windows bring the outdoor in and make your house feel more expansive and connected to nature or to the environment beside having more natural light getting in that will lighten up space.

Large glass doors can really bring the wow factor and they help to blur the line between outdoor and indoor living and entertaining.

Add some artwork

Choosing the right artwork can make or break the room and can completely change the entire mood of the space. Choose oversize and emotive artworks to create an immediate impact on the space.
Including one huge piece of art on a wall makes quite a statement.
Do not forget to choose something big and bold but that you really love, something that has some meaning to you or your family.

Add some green

That’s a very inexpensive and easy way to give a twist and a new skin to the room.

Choose to add some plants will not only look fantastic but will also create the wow factor in a very straightforward way. Don’t be afraid to combine larger specimens with small and mix up plant types and sized for added contrast.

Invest in quality pieces

When choosing your wow factor item or element invest in quality to get the right mood. Invest in a piece that will last and this does not always mean more expensive. What makes the difference it is the way and the material the item is made of when you compare to a visually similar one but very cheaply made.

Statement lighting

This is the perfect and one of the easiest ways to give a wow factor to the room. When adding a statement lighting fixture selecting unusual shapes and finishes or add a bit of drama hanging them low in the room when you can create a fabulous wow factor in a few steps.

Just remember if deciding to get inspiration from these ideas that they work better when keeping everything around the space simple, do not overcrowd the space!

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