How To Bring Nature Indoors

Nature and sustainability is a very important matter for Moretti Interior as we recognize the fundamental role of nature in our everyday life and how it has the power to give us harmony and balance despite a busy lifestyle.

We all know how today it is more important than ever to try to conserve the Earth’s precious resources for a better living for us and the following generations.

Nature, with all its elements and its organic shapes, has a great power on a human body, mainly it can give calm, peace, relax and it can make you feel in harmony with the surrounding environment.

We are all aware of the benefit of organic food, snacks and natural drink, organic natural body lotion and cosmetics, open air sports and so on but what about the place where we live or where we work?

How can we create an extension of nature in our home through interior?

When bringing nature elements indoors we feel happier, healthier, calmer and at the same time more energetic and optimistic, so here some tips!

If you are renovating your home or change your main furniture pieces choosing a natural element can make a big difference in the way we benefit from the space and how we spend time in it. 

There are a lot of natural materials when it comes to choose from like wood, stone, cotton, leather, seagrass, etc…

Wood is the easiest and the warmest of natural materials and comes in a variety of finishes, applications and types. It is very durable and can be personalized in any imaginable finish.

The way we choose the type of wood can modify or maintain the style of the home: artisan crafted furniture or unrefined wood give a rustic and country feeling at the space for example, a choice of antique and elegant wood can add a nostalgia for the style of the past, when instead wood furniture has minimal lines and free from ornamentations give at the interior a contemporary appeal.

Do not forget what you like though, important is to choose natural elements that incorporate what you like, your style and connect you to your interiors.

The choice of natural materials is diverse when you are building a house from scratch or want to refresh your interiors changing all the furniture but…

How can we introduce nature in our interiors if we don’t need to do any big changes?

The easiest way to cheer up any room with nature is using fresh flowers, potted plant, live walls or vertical garden that are perfect also for who doesn’t have a green thumb, as they don’t need much care. Live walls in particular help also to renew the air inside as they absorbe the moisture and give you back a clean air.

You have a great variety of plants and flowers to choose from and with a very little effort you will have a new energy and a new mind well-being!

 If you would like to learn how to use flowers in interior why don’t you join us for our Masterclass “The importance of using flowers in interior”.

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