How To Create A Timeless Interior Design

Timeless as a general concept refers to something that is not affected by the passage of time or changes in fashion, something that will stay in style for years and years.

Timeless design specifically can be defined as an interior design that will never go out of style, it has a staying power and it is created not to be temporary.

A timeless design, in fact, will last for years and can be brought up to date with changes in accessories and accents.

How can we create a timeless room?

Timeless is often synonymous with elegance and sophistication, it creates a sense of luxury keeping the practicality and the function of the objects and the overall space. that have been created to last, in style, design, colour, and materials that were meant to last. Timeless design can be achieved using quality materials and trendy accessories with a classic and sophisticated feel.

There are a few elements common to all timelessly designed room:

Symmetry and proportion

Symmetry and proportion are very old concepts and to simplify they mean a visually pleasing and physically comfortable balance of all the elements of the room, from floor to wall. Keeping furniture in proportion is very important to keep it functional and appropriate without overpowering it.


Use natural and quality materials: woods, stone, cotton, silks, and marble.

Neutral colours

Neutral colours are traditional, classy and they do not overpower the room. If you like colours do not give up on them but introduce your accent colour with accessories or small pieces.


Use modern or contemporary artwork to give a present feeling.

Mix traditional with contemporary

Mixing traditional with more contemporary elements will not fix the room in one specific style creating the timeless feeling that we want to achieve. Trying no to stick to one style or period so not to lose the sense of timeless.

Incorporate trendy elements

Timeless design has a balance between what is trendy to timeless looks while keeping the interior modernized and refreshing. You can incorporate trendy elements with accent pieces and accessories, they can always be changed when they have faded and replaced them to keep the space fresh. Colours and accessories are not the only ways to introduce trends. Texture items can also be very trendy and they tend to last long.

In any case be careful to choose items that are a reflection of your personality, this will help to create a timeless look that you will always love it!

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