How To Create Good Flow In Your Home Design

Designing a room is never an isolated project to carry on. Usually before thinking how to design a specific room we need to look at its surrounding.
The same concept is still valid when our project is to design a full home.

Every room needs to have its peculiarity and distinctive traits, but it needs to fit in a wider space made by other rooms.

What we need to do when creating the new home design is to think of the whole space and how to choose the right colour scheme so that each room of the house flow.

How to create good flow in your home

Through paint: A simple and easy way to create a cohesive look in your home is to use a consistent paint colour on the walls for connecting one room to the other. This doesn’t mean that you have to use the same colour to each room, but a solution could be select a colour and use its slightly different tones to one room to the other.
In this way, you will visually connect all the rooms of the house without creating a flat look.

Look at the sightline: Pay attention to the colour of a room that you can easily see from another room as they need to work well together to create a good flow.

There are various ways to visually link neighbouring rooms one to the other. An option could be to select one or two colours and then use variations of it. This concept can be used also when selecting decorative accessories.
Another option could be to limit yourself to colours in the same temperature family.

Through accessories: Accessories are the less expensive way to introduce colours in your home and they can also easily be changed if you get tired of them.
They also avoid creating a shocking effect of a bold colour when you enter a room unless that’s the effect you want!

Through accents: Accents colours can change from room to room, but a good idea is to select one consistent colour throughout the home to help to create a sense of continuity.

A way to achieve a good flow through this option is to select one of the two or three colours present in one room and keep it to decorate the other rooms. That colour will become the means to tie those room together.

Through flooring: Using the same kind of flooring when possible will create continuity to space, especially for large open space.
The same flooring through the different rooms of the house will make space looks larger and the overall look won’t have the interruptions due to the change of the flooring.
This solution will also please the eye creating a light and airy mood.

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