Handmade Wooden Lighting

Moretti Blog   •   January 21, 2016

Handmade wooden light pendant nature eco sustainable

The concept of bringing nature into the home is not a new one. For years, designers and homemakers have played with ways to bring the tranquillity and beauty of the outside world into the interior living space. Bio-design has seen many examples of this, from living walls to petrified wood, and the trends continue to grow as designers take inspiration from the exquisite shapes and unassuming beauty found in nature. This artistic inspiration, blended with a rising ecological awareness of the need for environmentally friendly, renewable natural materials, has opened up an interesting space for the creation of highly unique and effortlessly charming natural designs within the home.

Designers such as MacMaster have brought this trend into the realm of lighting by crafting elegant, contemporary designs – all handmade in Worcestershire from timber – based on natural forms including flowers, the moon and even the caterpillar’s cocoon. These subtle designs gently attract the eye, while the richness of the timber and the soft glow of the light create an atmosphere that is calm, fresh and welcoming.

Here we look at just some of the ways you can incorporate handmade wooden lighting into your home.

Pendant lights

From the grandest of chandeliers to minimalist bare bulbs, pendant lights can be a focal point of any room. Handmade wooden pendant lights offer a statement of artistic imagination that is both delicate and magnificent. Pendant lights inspired by more rounded, subtle natural forms such as flower blossoms, cocoons and the eclipse of the moon float overhead, adding elegance, grace and warmth to any kitchen or living space. Those inspired by the sweeping lines and angles of the lotus flower or the iris might hold the eye a little longer.

Table lights

An artistic sculpture in its own right, the nature-inspired wooden table light is a simple but stunning way to add gentle colour and texture to any room. The graceful curves of the timber around the small glowing bulb encapsulate an air of natural beauty that will bring light and calm to your living space.

handmade wooden floor lamp nature sustainable

Floor lights

Subtle but enchanting, a hand-crafted floor light completes any space. The fluid curves and strong lines of natural designs such as the iris or the tulip are captivating in their simplicity, with the warm yellow glow of the bulb delicately highlighting the rich colour of the timber inside. Placed in the corner of any room, handmade wooden floor lights will bring a mood of intimacy, comfort and peace to your home.

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