What type of lighting to use in interior

Moretti Blog   •   February 13, 2019

West London Family Home

I have already mentioned how important lighting is when it comes to our interior. But how do we know how to get the right lighting scheme for our home?

Well, my first advice is to start by appraising the existing lighting in each room of your house. So check the amount of natural light that comes in and the orientation of the room. Try and maximise daylight within your house. Brighter homes have proven health benefits and often sell for more money too. But when the sun sets or the grey winter days come in, it is also really important to have good artificial lighting in place. Consider how much of artificial light it will take to supplement the natural light. Think also that good lighting in your home can transform a space, dictate your mood and help with how the home functions.

What are the first steps?

lighting design in a white cloakroom