Creating luxurious outdoor living spaces

It’s safe to say that the pandemic has changed the way we live. These days, we’re spending more time at home than we could have ever imagined. However, this has enabled us to concentrate on ways in which to improve our homes and gardens.

Last year, garden upgrades topped the list for the most popular lockdown renovation projects. Already, this year, this trend looks set to continue. In fact, homeowners are now investing in outdoor living spaces to create another useful area beyond our four walls. This will not only enhance our lives but should increase the value of our homes. But, how do you create outdoor living spaces which are just as stylish as the rest of your home?

There are plenty of solutions for the luxury London property; these range from classic-style summer houses to modern pergolas with retractable roofs. And these garden rooms can provide the perfect place to introduce biophilic design principles. In this instance, we asked our creative director, Cinzia at Moretti Interior Design, how to transform outdoor living spaces with a bespoke pergola:

Build a bespoke pergola

A permanent structure in your outdoor living space can create the perfect luxury retreat throughout the seasons. In fact, this is fast becoming a top priority for homeowners. And the options are endless whether you’re looking for a ventilated, stylish entertaining space or perhaps a home office.

The luxury glazed pergola with retractable roof is already proving a popular option for a spring garden revamp and I think it’s easy to see why. These designs are incredibly versatile as they suit a multitude of uses. Choose an aluminium frame and you’ll discover this structure will be exceptionally sturdy and long-lasting, come rain or shine. Then complete the look with extensive glazing on all four ‘walls’ with sliding doors. This way, you can allow the outside in as much as you require. And you’ll still feel at one with nature, even if the retractable roof and sliding doors are closed.

Pergolas & natural light

If you’re considering installing a glazed pergola to create your outdoor living space, have you thought about a retractable roof? They come with a whole host of benefits, which include their ability to provide complete or partial shade from the sun. However, they also come into their own for the ‘wow factor’ at night-time. This is when you can open your retractable roof to relax in your pod under a star-lit sky.

We are already highly experienced in creating bespoke outdoor living spaces, thanks to our sister company Open Habitat. In addition, we can build a glazed pergola relatively quickly without seeking planning permission. This is due to our carefully curated, flat (retractable) roof design

Add integral blinds for a neat, stylish finish. Positioned between two panes of glass, you’ll instantly find these create a more modern aesthetic. They are simple to operate with a handy remote control or via an app on your Smart phone


Accent lighting for outdoor living spaces

Why not consider mood lighting to add to the ambience on an evening? If so, it’s best to consider this before the build so they can literally form part of the initial design. I find RGB LED strip lights can create a beautiful finish; why not use them to frame the retractable roof for example? Add to the look with natural light such as pillar candles in glass cylinders. These make an easy accessory, which looks particularly stylish, too.


Our Open Habitat client was looking for a relaxed outdoor living space for a multitude of uses, ranging from reading books to entertaining friends and family. We added sliding doors which instantly open up the space to blend the outside in


Rain protection

Of course, the unpredictable British weather should make a retractable roof feature high on your wish list. After all, the heavens may open while you’re relaxing in your glazed luxury pergola. So, you can remain seated and automatically close your roof via your remote or Smart phone app in seconds. And, if you choose a high-quality retractable roof design, this will leave you safe in the knowledge your structure is fully watertight.

We use only the highest-quality materials to create outdoor living spaces which will stand the test of time. This design showcases a sturdy aluminium frame


Furnishing tips

If you’re looking for a cosy, relaxing space inside your pergola, think low-level, lounge furniture. A corner sofa will help to accentuate a warmer feel against a backdrop of glazing. You can instantly add depth with plumped up cushions and a cashmere blanket for those cooler evenings. Natural materials and a neutral colour scheme will help to bring elements of the outside in. Wood can work well in outdoor living spaces so why not consider wood-effect, non-slip tiles inside and out? This way, they will create a seamless flow from the pergola to the rest of your living space. Match these with real wood furniture and metallic accents to add to the design aesthetic.

Furniture can be just as stylish for outdoor living spaces. In the pergola, warm-toned cushions, wooden tables and a few accessories transform the space into a warm and welcoming area. Meanwhile, in the immediate garden area, we chose neutral tones for the stylish outdoor dining furniture. The colours and design blend in beautifully with the garden itself

Outdoor living spaces with kitchens

If entertaining is key, one of the best ways in which to transform your outdoor living space is with an outdoor kitchen. As the weather continues to improve and our summers are becoming so much warmer, this can create a perfect space for entertaining. Functional kitchens in outdoor living spaces make a great investment and will last for years to come.

An open fire will bring an element of warmth to the design. Add a gas barbecue and built-in refrigeration to complete the look. Make sure you’ve got plenty of workspace, so you can easily prep your food and drinks. If you’re planning al fresco dinner parties, you’ll need to consider a high-quality garden furniture set for dining. Then all you’ll need to do is simply serve and enjoy one another’s company in the great outdoors.

We designed this outdoor kitchen to create a cohesive outdoor living space with access to a fridge and barbecue grill. Every element is bespoke in order to meet our clients’ needs

Style your space with accessories

No space is complete without a few all-important finishing touches. Aside from practical additions, such as firepits or throws to keep you warm into the evening, you may want to style your outdoor living space with a few design features. You’ll often find the most luxurious gardens have statues and water features – but even a simple outdoor rug or modern parasol can elevate this area to create the ultimate outdoor living space.


For more information about the garden and pergola services our sister company Open Habitat offers, or to book an interiors consultation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our expert team would love to help transform your garden into a luxurious outdoor living space.

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