Home décor:
2023 trends to watch

I’m the type of person who likes to look forward and plan ahead. So, with the new year waiting in the wings, I’m already thinking about the hottest new interiors trends in home décor and design for 2023.

Now is the perfect opportunity to reassess your home – what still works and what needs updating. The reward? You will be ready to explore all the wonderful ways you can revamp and refresh your property ready for the new season.

So, read on for a round-up of my favourite home décor trends, and how to make them work for you…

Crittall doors

Crittall windows have been enjoying a moment for some time. However, the next evolution for this home décor trend is Crittall doors, which are fast becoming the in-demand alternative to bi-folds. In fact, their appeal is obvious. Crittall doors provide a sense of space and light. In addition, they are the perfect way to partition open-plan areas and create different zones. Their clean lines and bold, black frames combine style with functionality. And they also add an instant contemporary update to any home setting.

This type of metal-framed glazing works especially well with a monochrome colour scheme. While they are primarily associated with industrial chic, Crittall doors also add interest to period properties and even barn conversions and modern extensions.



Like Crittall glazing, the metallic home décor trend is also here to stay. Although next season, silver is set to make way for copper. I have long been a big fan of this metal, and love how it adds a warmer, softer aesthetic to interior design schemes.

A metallic splashback is a great way to experiment with a copper colour scheme

Crittall doors are a wonderful way to give your home a new appearance and feel.

Copper in the kitchen is poised to be more popular than ever in 2023. This is a kitchen render we created for one of our clients, which showcases copper detailing

Prepare to see copper detailing everywhere next year, not just on lighting and accessories. In fact, copper is emerging as the metallic of the moment, for everything from statement furniture pieces to wallpaper to artwork. You can also pep it up with brighter colours, or tone it down with wood and neutrals. Feeling adventurous? Then pair copper with concrete for an edgy, industrial feel. I also love copper in the kitchen, and I adore how it patinas with age. If you’re unsure, experiment with copper accents to begin with. Or go bold with a copper kitchen hood or splashback.

Home décor curves

Are you ready to embrace your curves? I predict that sharp angular lines will give way to soft, undulating shapes that create a feeling of comfort and flow. Think curved couches, circular coffee tables, round mirrors and even arched windows. Scalloped edges and crescent-shaped furniture are also a great way to trial this particular home décor trend. Can’t find what you have in mind? Then bespoke furniture design could be the solution.

This curvaceous bespoke sofa instantly taps into the trend for home decor curves

Organic materials

The rise of organic and natural materials isn’t exactly new – but it is set to become even more prevalent in 2023. I’ve always championed biophilic design principles. In fact, I believe in incorporating nature within interiors, and increasing connectivity with the natural environment. Using organic materials is certainly one way to achieve this.

Natural stone, wood, cork, bamboo, leather and wicker can be used in any and every room in your home. Stone slabs or walls in a bathroom look amazing for example, and help to evoke the power and beauty of nature. On a smaller scale, try introducing plants, dried flowers, shells or feathers to a room scheme. Splash out on some organic bed linen. And look out for furniture and accessories made of jute or rattan.

Organic materials, like this stone shower wall, help to us to maintain our connection with nature

Organic shapes and natural materials have created this bespoke sofa and circular table, which add an inviting softness to this interior

Warm tones in home décor

Colour psychology has always interested me. Colour influences everything, including mood, behaviour, opinions and wellbeing. Unsurprisingly, it plays a key role within interior design. I predict that warm tones will be everywhere in home décor next year: think orange, red, yellow, brown and terracotta. The shades make a space seem cosy, welcoming and more intimate – a refuge from the world outside. As always, balance is important. To avoid overkill, add some cool elements to offset a warm colour scheme. A colour wheel is an invaluable tool for finding suitable shade combinations.

Use warm tones to amplify a welcoming ambiance

Ocean blue tiles

Not a personal fan of warm tones? Embrace the blues instead. Ocean blue tiles – for bathrooms and kitchens too – will be another big home décor trend next year. In general terms, the colour blue is recognisable and reliable. It represents calm and dependability, and is comforting and familiar. With no immediate end in sight to the conflicting and uncertain times we live in, it’s easy to understand the appeal of this reassuring shade. Ocean blue bathroom tiles are super versatile, evoke the sea, and help to create a relaxing ambience. Pair with other shades of blue, crisp white, blush or neutrals.

Metro tiles are given an upgrade with this ocean-inspired shade of blue

Alabaster lighting

Alabaster is a natural stone that emits a soft, translucent effect. These lights, lampshades and chandeliers incorporate extraordinary visual depth, and are on track to be another in-demand home décor item in 2023. Alabaster is easily cut, carved and polished, with a tactile, super-smooth surface. Lighter than marble – yet still luxurious – it reduces glare while adding a touch of sophistication. Another advantage? Because this is a natural stone, each piece made from it is unique.

Alabaster adds an ethereal quality to wall lights and lamps. This elegant Melange wall light in Antique Burnished Brass and Alabaster by Andrew Martin provides a perfect example

Vintage home décor pieces

Quality vintage pieces have never been in such high demand. And there’s no sign of a slow-down for 2023. Pre-loved pieces are a short-cut to creating a home that doesn’t look like anyone else’s. And more and more of my clients are drawn to the character and history of antique items. There’s another obvious benefit to adding vintage pieces to your home: sustainability. Vintage pieces are so much kinder to the planet than fast furniture. The also add warmth, interest and character to any interiors setting. Not sure what to look out for? A mid-century sideboard, a vintage chair, rewired light fittings, antique artwork and homeware are good items to experiment with. The trick is to curate, not over-clutter, and use your vintage pieces as accents only.

Add a touch of warmth with an accent chair and perhaps some coordinating soft furnishings

Painted kitchen cabinets add a dash of on-trend darkness to your kitchen

Dark kitchens

Lots of people avoid dark colours because they think they are gloomy and depressing. But 2023 is shaping up to be the year in which we all embrace our dark side. The kitchen is the ideal place to start. Dark kitchen cabinetry is a great way to update your home décor. It’s practical, durable, can withstand a lot of wear and tear, and hides a multitude of sins. Happily, dark kitchens are sleek, sophisticated, and super stylish too. Team with pale walls and ceilings for balance.

Statement walls

Statement, feature or accent walls will be back with a bang next year. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say they never fully went away. They are certainly alive and well in the interiors world, and on track to be a key home décor trend in 2023. Think of the modern statement wall as a starting point for a room’s look and feel. And don’t be restricted by the idea of paint.

Contemporary feature walls can incorporate timber, wallpaper, tiles and panels. Exposed brick, tongue-and-groove panelling, artwork, mirrors and built-in storage can also be used to create a unique and impactful style statement. The latest twist on this enduring trend? Select your ceiling as your accent ‘wall’. The options really are limitless.

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