What Is The Procurement Stage in Interior Design?

The interior design process from the beginning is long and complex, more than most people imagine. The whole design process involves different stages. The first part of the design is more creative then the second part becomes more “technical”.

So, after the design is created, presented and approved by the client the actual procurement or the FF&E of all the items happen. This is a very intense and important time of the design process and often filled with many obstacles and problems.

What does FF&E mean?

FF&E means Furniture, Fixture and Equipment. It simply means purchasing all the approved goods on behalf of the client. It sounds definitely very simple.

And yet this aspect of your interior design project can be a logistic nightmare unless it is well managed by an experienced professional.

Why is it better the interior designer follows this project stage?

Work with a professional will make appears that everything runs smoothly but behind the scenes that are never the case.
The interior designer will make sure that the highest level of quality is delivered in the most reasonable amount of time without the stress and time waste for the client.

The interior design team communicate with all suppliers regarding specifications, ordering, quality inspections, coordination, delivery and financials.

In this stage, everything is examined, and nothing is left to chance. Every furniture finishes, every fabric details or colour specification is recorded and registered. Every item price is checked and showed clearly to the client.


The interior designer’ expertise and knowledge will come all in use at this stage as the best problem solution. If for example a fabric has been discontinued or is out of stock the interior designer will find an easy and fast replacement thanks to the experience and know-how of the suppliers. It is the exceptional relationship with the supplier that will be a great resource to solve any problem.

It is fundamental the designer attention to details, strong supplier relationship, organized project schedule to complete the project.
The great interior designer expertise makes very easy to know how to select items based on needs and requests, so in this stage, the client will save time and money. The interior designer will also deal directly with the supplier for damaged or wrong item replacement or refund.

It is so thanks to the interior design experience that the procurement process at the end run smoothly and without any stress, money and time waste for the client.

What does the interior designer do at this stage?

In the procurement stage, all is cover by the interior designer studio: handling the new items, sorting them, organising delivery and installation. Make sure that every item has been ordered in time and that is the right item to avoid a surprise on site. If needed everything will be stored in a dedicated warehouse and then delivered only when It is the right time to have the item installed in the house to avoid damaged and boxes while still working on site.

A professional procurement process can be incredibly beneficial if you’re looking to streamline purchasing. It can ensure that you pay the best price for goods and services, save time by choosing the most reputable suppliers, and minimise order delays and mistakes, that will save money and time and will make the design project stress free for the client.

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