7 Stylish Ways to Spice Up a Neutral Kitchen

Moretti Blog   •   November 22, 2017

Stylish Kitchen modern black white

There’s something so elegant and soothing about neutrals. They exude effortless beauty that gives a space a simple yet enticing look. However, sometimes introducing a pop of colour or adding just a few conspicuous details is all it takes to make a neutral colour scheme truly shine. With just a few creative ideas, you can give your kitchen an enchanting flair while keeping the timeless value of its neutrals.

1.      Create a bold contrast

While an all-white kitchen can look quite elegant and pristine, sometimes it can lack character and seem a bit “sterile”. For a more mesmerising look, you should create a bold contrast by introducing a dark hue. Black is a perfect choice that will break the monotony and give your kitchen a more intriguing character. Not only will it create a more enticing visual appeal, but the black-and-white combination has always been a classic, sophisticated choice. Dark grey or navy blue can also create a balance and stunning contrast against the soothing nature of neutrals.

Stylish Kitchen modern black white

2.      Make neutrals fun

A neutral colour palette isn’t only about different shades of white and beige. It’s also about ivory, taupe, subtle greys, pale browns and other hues that can all be mixed and matched to create a stunning visual interest. What makes neutral colours so popular is their understa